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What To Do With A Used Wedding Dress

BY: Hard Rock | Category: Women | Post Date: 2009-10-31

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   Hard Rock
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The wedding is over now, the reception is history, the honeymoon was fun, and now it's time to get back to reality. One of those realities is what to do with the wedding dress. Your new husband either took his tux back to the rental shop or just hung his suit in the closet for another day, but your wedding dress is something entirely different.

Do you keep it? Do you sell it? Do you give it away? So many choices, so many things to think about. What to do?

If you're thinking about keeping it but aren't sure, think about a few things. The main reason is why you want to keep it. Did you have it made for you, or did you make it yourself? Was it a big time name brand designer dress? Did it cost a lot? Was it a family keepsake that was handed down to you? Do you hope that one day your daughter will wear your dress at her wedding? Do you have the space for it?

If you do decide you're going to keep it, you have to figure out how to store it. Many women over history have just tried to hang it in a closet or in an attic or basement, only to learn that delicate fabric doesn't do so well over time in open spaces. If you're going to store it, you need to put it away in something that will protect it from the elements. The best thing to use is plastic covering that you can seal up. There are plenty of containers you can purchase that will get the job done, that zip up. If you can get something that will let you squeeze all the air out of it after it's in the container, even better. Some women find large boxes with little windows on them to put their dresses in. That's fine, but some air and elements will still slip in. And just putting it in plastic and hanging it in the closet won't protect it either.

If you feel you can give up your wedding dress, then it's time to decide how. You can try to sell it online or in a newspaper, but probably one of the best places to sell it is in a consignment shop of some kind. One that's dedicated to bridal clothes would probably work best, as your dress might get a better price that way. Don't expect to get rich selling your dress unless it's a Reem Acra, which tends to hold its value a bit better than many other dresses.

If you feel more charitable than that, you can always donate your dress. Lately there have been special organizations set up to have bridal dresses for the potential wives of war veterans and breast cancer survivors. The Rescue Mission takes in dresses that they'll help get to the right potential brides. You can even donate something to the Salvation Army. In these instances, you'll get a receipt for what the estimated value of the dress is, which you can write off on your taxes.

It's a tough decision every woman has to make for what to do with their wedding dress. Whatever decision you make, feel good about it, because there's no one correct answer.

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