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What Can the Church Do in this Economic Crisis? - By Wrigley

BY: Guest | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2008-11-28

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Christian churches today suffer from issues such as division, misunderstanding, and failure to reach goals. Looking at that, it isn't so different from the problems the rest of the world is facing. Churches, after all, are made up of people with different beliefs, personalities, and attitudes. They disagree with each other and think that one's way is better than that of the other.

All of this happens when the church forgets that what they are working for is not the goals they have set up for themselves - the Lord has called them to join in His redemptive work. They are merely followers and workers of God's grand plan to save people and rid the world of violence, poverty, leadership problems, and other sufferings. Though many things can be done to help alleviate these problems, there is one powerful tool that every soldier of God can use - prayer. Prayer is one's helpline to God.

In prayer, one is humbled, submits himself to God, and relies on Him to make the changes needed in his life and in the lives of others. It can change hearts, leaderships, and the state of society. For this reason, a prayer ministry is one of the most important missions one can engage in to help change the world. A prayer ministry can achieve many things through the power of God. It gathers people to lay down before God their own petitions, the needs of others, and the concerns of every family, every church, and the world. By praying, one claims the promise of God and asks Him to show His faithfulness through the fulfillment of these promises.

The Lord honors the prayer of one heart. But when people are gathered, as He promised in His word, there He will be. That is why when believers gather to pray and call upon His name, even the unthinkable can happen. Miracles can happen. Those who do not know Jesus will invite Him into their lives. Those who inflict pain on others will repent. And those who suffer will heal. When people seek God's face in prayer, He can give them more than what they asked for.

A prayer ministry is an army waging the battle of Christ against the enemy. Every church needs one and every group of Christians have to start being one in their own way because they can do a lot - God can do a lot through them. A church or an organization can start one by using the ebook How To Start A Prayer Ministry: A Step By Step Guide To Building A Successful Prayer Ministry. This book outlines what a prayer ministry can achieve and what God expects from each intercessor. It teaches one how to lead a group of people to pray and how to establish a prayer meeting setup that is effective, manageable, and fruitful. Visit the website www.startaprayerministry.com and start your prayer ministry today.

Prayer is one's helpline to God. Things that a Church can do in this Economic Crisis.

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About Author / Additional Info: By: Wrigley Santos

Wrigley Santos is an editor and writer for Christian articles

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