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Weird Words for a Weird new World

BY: Guest | Category: Social Issues | Post Date: 2009-11-04

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BY: Hilary B

I was on Craigslist the other day when I came across a very unusual classified ad. The subject header read "Soliptwist/ Soliptweme" the content of the classified contained what appeared to be a nonsensical kind of poetry or impenetrable jargon. It read as follows:

"Hey Pere!
Got loyal breadgard!
Nothing less than a bog full of mirrors n boxskurt!
Been Soliptwisting a while need solipmemes!!
Bye Pere!"

For me an out the closet lexical fetishist (thats someone who likes words to the layman) it was a joy to read in its own right but impossible to understand. It felt like stepping right into Anthony Burgess book Clockwork Orange. I thought my god ive fallen behind if this is how people communicate these days.

Intrigued, I Googled the word Soliptwist and I found a definition on the online slang dictionary. It defined Soliptwist or Soliptwister as follows:

"Soliptwisters dance exclusively alone usually in domestic settings when nobody else is around. Sometimes this is filmed on a web camera.

Soliptwisting or Soliptwism ; combines Solipsism (The philosophical belief that doubts the existence of others as a projection of the self) and the dance "the twist".

It seems as an activity then Soliptwisting is a fairly common place thing.
Everyone dances alone in their flat, So everyone is a soliptwist from time to time.

Then again not everybody dances alone in front of a Web Camera this at least strikes me as a very modern idea. But there seems to be something dare I say it, a bit sad about it to me. Why dance alone when you can go to a disco and meet people? Ok now I am perhaps in danger of getting sentimental but dancing when I was young was a much more social activity. The whole point was to interact with others. 2d human relations seem to typify this generation. That said I must give credit to whoever coined the term because it at least hints at having some form of self-knowledge, albeit a twisting solipsistic one. Now, ill be the first to admit that their is a always a gap in understanding between generations. I know my parents were shocked when I tried to explain what free-love meant over an idyllic Sunday roast. As devout Catholics they were appalled, none the less so when my boyfriend pointed out they were murderers for eating meat and instead of eating anything he made psychedelic patterns on the table with a toothpick and some ketchup. The tension escalated to the point that my dad pushed the table over in frustration. I am a little embarrassed when I look back on it now, I think we could have showed a bit more humility, but at least we had strong views on things and were not afraid to voice them. This is what I feel is missing with this generation, wheres their views? the ideas? Dancing alone in front of web cams is one thing but

I am always fascinated by contemporary Culture especially when it appears to arise out of new technologies. But I have to be honest and say that I don't really understand this idea. But in the spirit of a soliptwisting I have
done this whole article whilst tap dancing under my desk. LOL

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Thanks for the mention...
Thanks for mentioning The Online Slang Dictionary. I periodically research submitted terms to remove ones that aren`t actual slang. I`ve come across "soliptwist". It was submitted by a user who submitted several terms they coined. It doesn`t appear to be used outside of spam, your blog, and a couple other questionable sites. I`m going to remove it. Cheers, Walter (editor of The Online Slang Dictionary)
WalterGR 2009-12-30
cool but wierd
they listen to the same songs over and over again though. bit strange!!
Sally 2009-11-06
interesting but..
I think that perhaps its unfair of hilary to compare the pursuit of Soliptwisting to her self professed ideological past. Its missing the point really. Thats like comparing cricket with activism. Its not a tenable comparison. I think that the article is really interesting until near the end where hilary really indulges in her own boorish sentimentality. It sounds like a curious and rich activity I would love to hear more about it. I don`t think dancing on your own is sad at all, neither is it really a new thing. I dance alone from time to time and i love it.
Allen 2009-11-06
Yeh soliptweme is someone that copies the dance. But i think they try and look like the soliptwist with make up or whatever.
Dar6 2009-11-05
I heard this is popular in scandanavia. Isnt a soliptwister the one who does the original and solipteme somebody who impersonates the dancer?
Jim-ee 2009-11-05
Quite interesting !
Jan 2009-11-04

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