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Weight loss - 5 easy exercises to lose weight fast

BY: Swati | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2008-10-28

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The best way to lose weight is combination of watchful eating, regular exercising and determination. Even though there are plenty of paid programs like Weight watchers and Jenny Craig, frankly even before thinking about joining them you should at least once try to lose weight yourself. Weight loss is not a simple, fast and easy procedure, but frankly little changes in your lifestyle and some easy exercises mentioned below will help you get rid of excessive fat, cut your fat bit by bit. Getting inspiration from someone who has lost weight is excellent but a plan which worked for them may not necessarily work for you because each one of us is different. Another biggest mistake people make is by trying to lose weight fast, although a handful of people are successful but most don't because it required an intense change in the life and failure to do so leads to failure and disappointment. Its your body, no one understands it better than you and your doctor, therefore make a plan that suits you and consult your doctor as well.

Exercises and lifestyle changes to a easy and fast weight loss:

1. Back to the basics - Start walking:
Number one rule of weight loss is to be active, start with taking short 20 minute walks in the park or simply taking an evening and morning walk around a few blocks. For the first few days, take it very lightly and then increase from casual walking to brisk walking. If possible, get a friend who is equally determined to lose weight like you. As you talk to each other on the way, distances seems to look shorter and more joyful. If no one else seem to come to your mind, then get a pet, dogs are great companions to walk with. Go a little further, when you go to the malls or your office, take stairs instead of using the elevator. To get something light from a nearby store, just walk instead of using your car. Run short distances whenever you can. Remember to carry a bottle of water to avoid dehydration. Get a basic treadmill (not the manual one), just in case the weather outside is bad or you want to stay at home. A basic treadmill may cost you about $500, otherwise you can always get a basic exercising cycle with usually costs under $150.

2. Swim (or learn swimming):
Swimming is a wonderful weight loss exercise and a great stress buster. If you do not know how to swim, then take this as your opportunity to learn. Swimming is a great cardio-vascular exercise and it tones the entire body, perfect for people looking to lose weight.

3. Volunteer in local community events:
If you want to help your community and lose weight at the same time, doing volunteer or charity work is the best. Most community events involve a lot of physical work sweating around. Just avoid the high fat meals during these events, carry your own food if possible, otherwise keep those fattening meals to a minimum.

4. Church Volunteer:
You must have seen many church volunteers going door to door and distributing fliers, well you can do the same, ask your church is they need additional helping hands. There are minor exercises, but in the end everything adds up.

5. Go to Gym or get some weights home:
Don't try lifting very heavy weights, always start with light ones. It is a good idea to have one physical trainers session (usually an hour costs $50 to $75). They will guide you through some basic exercises that will assist get rid of fat in some targeted body parts. Never over stress when you are not under someones supervision, but building muscles helps to cut the body fat even faster.

Additional things to do for a successful weight loss:
1. Go on small hikes: Hikes are a good fun and a great exercise.
2. Make friends who have a cautious eating pattern and an active lifestyle - take advantage of the "peer effect".
3. Count your calorie intake - Start cooking at home and avoid fast food and soda's.
4. Learn some basic yoga.
5. Don't be a couch potato.
6. Avoid eating while watching TV.
7. Cut down your sugar intake.
8. Drink lot of water.
9. Eat fruits and avoid red meat.
10. Cut your alcohol consumption and eat slowly and prefer smaller meals.
11. Reduce stress in life.
12. Avoid fried food.
13. Award yourself with new lower sized clothes and make a target to further fit in lower sizes.
14. Do not over do anything - keep your weight loss initiative joyful.

There are procedures to lose weight fast, but I prefer to stick with the approach of being slow, enjoy and be steady. I wish you have a great self-motivated weight loss program.

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