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Want to live 100 years: Live in Bama or Hechi City in Guangxi, China?

BY: Jessica | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-08-26

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Hechi City is famous for many reasons, but above all it is famous for longevity which is highest in the world. In this small city of 24000 people, 81 are centurions (100 years old or older). It is very common to see people who are 80 years plus in age. Now take into account that people in this province are low income earners and do not have access to one of the best healthcare facilities that you and I have. The area is dominated by Ba Ma Yao ethnic group and this region is renowned as the Land of Longevity. There has been a lot of influx of tourists recently, trying to experience this phenomena first hand.

Overall there are three major regions in China which are know for people living long life
Average Age:
Rugao: 75.5 years, Zhongxiang: 75.88 years, Bama: 69.51 years

According to scientists the reason behind long life of people are:

1. Very healthy diet:
They follow a low calorie diet which is high in vitamins and fiber. Additionally they consume less fat, sodium, sugar and animal protein. They also consume a very low cholesterol diet. Guangxi province is located in in southwestern China and is one of the poorest places in China.

2. Clean Environment:
Compared to many other places in China, Hechi City is not that developed. You will find less pollution, clean natural water and food grains produced with no or little chemicals.

3. Active life:
Unlike people like us who live lazy lives, people in Guangxi province live a very active life and even play local games. It is common to see people working in farms and just walking around. This exercise is good enough to keep their body fit.

4. Good Weather:
The annual average temperature is in the range of 17C to 23C. Hechi has a subtropical monsoon climate at low altitude. Plenty of sunshine, quite a bit of rainfall and a short and warm winter. April to October is the best time to visit Hechi. Breathtaking scenery folded in mountain, lakes and rivers makes this city even more special.

5. Houses:
These people live in red-brick houses which provides some natural health benefits.

6. Lack of bad habits:
Most centenarians are non-smokers and they hardly ever drink ( although they like locally made rice wine in small quantities).

7. Longevity Soup:
The Bama people have the custom of offering guests what they call Longevity Soup. One of its ingredients is hemp seeds oil extracted from the plants that grow in the mountains. Hemp seeds oil is high in non-saturated fatty acids and the world's only edible oil that dissolves in water.

Three places in China known for longitivity are Rugao City in Jiangsu Province; Zhongxiang City in Hubei Province and Bama County/Hechi City in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Although there have been contradictions reported by Yi Zeng in his book "Healthy Longevity in China", which tells that data might be wrongly calculated, even then you will find a lot of people in this are who are 80 years or older.


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