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BY: Bujji | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2008-05-26

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"Dharmani prathamani" it means that sacrifice is most important of all our duties.

"Yagyo vay bhuvanasya nabhih" - Sacrifice is the base of the world.

"Yagye sarvam pratishtitham" - Through sacrifice all things can be obtained.

"Yagyo vay sutram nouh" - Sacrifice is a boat by which life can be driven smoothly.

"Yagyem va deva divangatah" - gods got to heaven only through sacrifice.

"Ritasya nah pathinay ati vishvani durita" - get saved through sacrifice.

Tandya mahabrahmin says, "Yagyo va avati tasya chaya criyate"- Only sacrifice can give deliverance, whatever is done is only a shadow of sacrifice.

In tandya mahabrahmin of Sam-Veda, it says, "Prajapathi devemya atmanam yagyam drutva praikshat" - God will offer give Himself as sacrifice and receive the repentance of sins.

Vedas show that sacrifice should get the highest place in all the penance and it should be done for the remission of sins.


"Sah-yagyah prajah srushtva purovach prajapathih Annen pravishyadhvamesh vo s sitvasht kamdhuk" It means: When God made man in the beginning, He did sacrifice and He said, "by this your heart's desire may be full."

"Yagya shapith kalmashah" - Those whose sins are washed by sacrifice.

In the 7th chapter of yagya vaibhav khand in Skandha Puran we can read like this:- "Plava hyete sura yagya adrudashch na shamsayah" -O gods, The timber of sacrifice - boat is undoubtedly silent.


1. It should be a blameless lamb - He was a blameless (or without sin) God - man.

2. Around his head 'Bulusu' bush should be placed - A crown of thorn was put on His head.

3. It should be on the altar of sacrifice - He was laid on the Cross.

4. Its four legs should be nailed in such a way that until they bleed - His hands and legs were nailed.

5. The cloth which covers the lamb should be distributed in four parts - Those who crucified Him distributed His cloths by themselves.

6. No bones should be broken - None of His bones were broken.

7. Gal-juice should be given for the drink of the lamb - He was given vinegar for drink.

8. After it is sacrificed, it should come back to life again- He rose up from the dead on the third day.

9. Flesh of it must be eaten- Before His death, He said to his disciples that they should eat His flesh and drink His blood, which was sacrificed for the salvation of the world; and for the remembrance of His death take bread and grape juice and for this He started a holy ritual which is still being performed.


The main theme in the Rg Veda and the Upanishads is the nature and purpose of only one supreme sacrifice known as the Purush Prajapati. This name is translated from Sanskrit as "the Lord of all creation who became Man" (Sathpathbrahmana; Rg Ved Purushasukta 10:19). The only purpose of the Purush Prajapati is to sacrifice His life-blood to pay our penalty for sin and to impart to us eternal life. It is the only way to Heaven and the only way of escape from eternal Hell (Rg Ved 9:113.7_11; Rg Ved 4.5.5; 7.104.3).


By the above deep research, who is the real god to lay down his life for our sins? Which Man-God (or) Son of God had scarified himself? Who shed the blood to wash away our sins? Who underwent the punishment in the place of sinners? Who prayed or forgiven for his enemies? Who stands for sacrificial love? Who said: love thy neighbors as thyself! Who said Love your enemies and pray for them! Explore in your mind, who is such god.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: I. B.Venu, i had finished my graduation, my father is working as APPSC member in Andhra Pradesh Public Commission Office, my mother is house wife, we are two brothers, my first brother is working as agriculture department, and my secound brother working as story board artist in 7 seas technologies, i like to send articles, i had sent so many articles on websites.

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Answer to your Question
After Studying your view i explored my Mind like you said and found few things to share with you... Sacrifice = Sharing to Others, giving imp. to others or being a social being rather than an Individual, PAROPAKARAM PARAMAH DHARMA HA. Meaning Helping others is most Important Karma than any other karma that is what sacrifice means. Now you know who has done this with your example, So you are right in that way Would also like to say if Vedas are written 1000`s of years ago before the epic person you claim have born. I have a Question for you Vedas have already mentioned what anybody should be doing for attaining what he has done & also told those are the people who become Gods. meaning the person who you have claimed to explore is not the ONLY one who has done it but many & many others have already done it.So there is no one god, everybody sacrificing himself (echo,selfishness etc etc) for Others well being is GOD to me.This means no disgrace to the person or God you have mentioned, he is what he is and he is very inspirable.But You i think should broaden your thinking more and understand the content you study.
Krishnas 2010-02-13

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