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Various causes of marital discontent | Reasons of an unhappy marriage

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2010-01-16

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Married couples around the world are not always happy with each other. There are many couples who have simmering volcanoes between them. Most of these simmering fights may not be seen openly, but at times, just like the bursting volcano, they erupt and the fight consumes the marriage and it results in a divorce.

There are various reasons for the fights between the husband and the wife. These include fights because of misunderstandings or more severe problems. There are so many causes of this marital discontent that one cannot actually list all these causes. Here the major causes of marital discontent are listed:

1. Lack of time:

The lack of time spent with each other is the first and most important reason for the marital discontent. These days, because of the increased work and the lack of time spent at home, it can be seen that many people are spending less time with their spouses. This can result in them drifting apart slowly without their knowledge and this result in marital discontent.

2. Financial problems:

Other than the lack of time, the second most important cause of marital discontent is the finances of the family. The financial situation in many families is on the brink of failure because of various reasons. This financial trouble may have a direct relation with the marital discontent.

3. Sexual dissatisfaction:

Another common cause of the marital discontent is sexual dissatisfaction with the spouse. This may be due to some health problems in the spouse or may also be due to the busy schedule of the spouse where one person does not have time to spend with the other person. All these things can cause the married couples to have marital discontent.

4. Diseases:

If there is some disease that is present in one of the partners, then the couple will have a lot of trouble unless they are very loving. There are many couples who are very loving and they are there for one another. Even when the partner is diseased, the other person takes care and attends to the spouse. This happens in between loving couples. On the other hand, if there is no happiness in the marriage, then the couple may have marital discontent in the family.

5. Affairs:

Affairs are a direct result of the various problems in the family and the person who was cheated by the partner feels a lot of discontent because of being let down. This makes them feel discontented with their present life.

These are some of the reasons for the marital discontent. The couple should try to solve their problems and make sure that their discontent does not go to the next step of separation. If the couple is separated, then it may lead to divorce ultimately. To prevent this from occurring, the couple should make sure that their marital discontent is not increased and instead should try to solve all their differences and make up. This will help them to be together and live happily instead of separating.

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