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United States Diversity Visa program explained (Lottery Visa)

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2009-09-13

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   David Prakash Kumar
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The United States Diversity Visa program is a kind of lottery program where people from different countries are able to enter into the United States with minimum paperwork. This is a program that is aimed at bringing immigrants to the United States from countries where there are very few immigrants.

As the name indicates, the United States Diversity Visa program is aimed at increasing the diversity in the people applying for visa under this program. Each year under the United States Diversity Visa program, a particular number of immigrants are given visas to enter the United States. The number of people under this program may vary from year to year, but usually about 50,000 people enter the United States through the United States Diversity Visa program.

Each year the number of people who can apply under this program is announced and then applications can be made online. The website www.dvlottery.state.gov gives the details of the program. All the applications under the the United States Diversity Visa program are scrutinized and a shortlist is made. The people whose names have been shortlisted are called for an interview and then if they qualify are given visas to enter the United States.


The major advantages of the the United States Diversity Visa program is the minimum documentation needed for applying under this program. There is no processing fee that has to be paid to middlemen. The lack of high cost and the ease of application are the major reasons for the popularity of this program among millions of people. The chances of obtaining a visa may be very less compared to the other methods because of the lottery system utilized to pick the names of people who are called for an interview, but the advantages listed above make many people apply for the United States Diversity Visa program.

Eligibility to apply under the United States Diversity Visa program

All people applying for visas under the United States Diversity Visa program have to have had proper education. All those who apply under this program should have completed at least twelve years of education. If not they should have worked for at least two years in the last five years and also another requirement is that people who apply under this scheme should be working in an occupation that needs at least two years of training or experience prior to their work.

People eligible to apply are from various countries.

The list of countries whose citizens who are eligible to apply under this program are listed in the website mentioned above. The list may change from time to time depending on the number of people obtaining visas to the United States from other avenues.

Popularity of the United States Diversity Visa program:

The popularity of the United States Diversity Visa program has been increasing in recent times. This is because of the lack of large amounts of money\y involved in obtaining visas under this scheme. During the times of recession when people are looking for more opportunities, people who get visas under the United States Diversity Visa program benefit a lot.

This can be another reason for the number of applications for the United States Diversity Visa program increasing in recent times.

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Thanks for the information
Mr David, do you know if I need a lawyer to file the application or if I can do it all by myself.
Rob Vazi 2009-09-13
Dear Mr. Vazi, You can apply for the Visa on your own. The chances of getting the visa by applying through a lawyer and on your own are both same. So you might as well apply for visa under this program on your own.
David 2009-09-13

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