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Unique qualities of a Journalist - Responsibilities in Journalism

BY: chitracs | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2008-10-03

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What is the duty of a journalist?
The duty of a journalist is to find out the truth and inform it to the society. So, much skill is required to be a journalist. In the inner mind, he should have the thirst to serve the mankind. Actually, the work done by him is a service. Many facts come out by courageous journalists only. The prime duty of a journalist is to find out the truth and put his views on it. The duty conscious journalist has to forget food and sleep, as the responsibility on him is much more and he should be ready to work on odd hours and face tough situations. He should strive hard for fishing the facts and come to a conclusion, before publishing an article.

The unique qualities required for being a good journalist:
The journalist must have mission, vision and goal in life. There is always a risk in the life of a journalist. The journalist may be threatened for exposing the facts. Some times the journalist may work very hard and find out the truth but the editor may not publish it, to avoid displeasure of the person connected. The journalist should be able to express his views in an accurate and honest way. He should give voice to the voiceless people. He should not give any false news or suppress any fact, to safeguard somebody. He should act boldly at times of grief. He should never misuse his position for gaining some benefit. The freedom of press has got much value in the society. So, the journalist should not support a group or association of any form and he should always be neutral . The true journalist has to be loyal, honest and lead a disciplined life.

Honesty is the key in the field of Journalism:
To increase circulation, he need not compromise with anybody or anything. The journalist should have a good understanding relation with the editor. The journalist should double check while quoting names and places, as the wrong quoting may invite troubles. He should show interest in expressing the facts required for the audience. He should not write in a controversial way, suppressing facts. The duty of the journalist is to present the news to the public based on which they can come to a conclusion. He should write in an unbiased manner. The journalist need not write in a conventional way always and the presentation may be modern, to impress audience. He should not write simply what others say but write what they feel. The journalist should be very careful while giving numbers. For example, while reporting about an accident, as far as possible, he should be correct in giving how many persons died and how many persons injured. The journalist has to work under pressure always and daily deadlines are fixed for him. He should give importance to burning issues first. Then he can cover other normal items, based on priorities.

Personal life:
The personal life of journalist is very much affected by the odd working hours and risk involved in his job. The spouse should understand well and given good cooperation since the job of a journalist a noble service to the mankind. The journalist should be fear free in expression and frank in bringing the impact of emotions felt by him. He should be a good critique in saying the right and wrong things in the genuine way. Best wishes for good journalists with unique qualities.

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a tribute
thankyou sir... i want to b a good journalist tom. m havin n interview n nw m sure that this article of urs would surely help me ... thankzz a ton.... would surely want to hav a pleasure to talk to u....
heena 2009-06-05
a tribute
thankyou sir... i want to b a good journalist tom. m havin n interview n nw m sure that this article of urs would surely help me ... thankzz a ton.... would surely want to hav a pleasure to talk to u....
heena 2009-06-05

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