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UK's, USA's and India - What sets them apart?

BY: Abhi | Category: India | Post Date: 2009-08-29

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India is multicultural, multi-religionist and multi-linguistic, wait a minute… Not reasons for us to rejoice. I thought it wiser to start off paying a tribute to India. Why does India still fall under the category of ‘developING' countries?

Why is India more often than not said to be a poor country? (If you're wondering when was that said last, refer to the Slumdog Millionaire controversy regarding its title). India is supposed to be a third world nation. Much of it has got to do with the people, the citizens; the inhabitants of the country … let us look into it:

CIVIC SENSE - the people belonging to India still spit on the roads… Do that on foreign land and check out the consequences, unlawful activities and anarchy rule the streets here (it's called dadagiri). When was the last time you saw someone crossing the road as per the law. The few cities that have implemented awareness (posters reading -use the zebra crossing to cross the road-) have regretted for sure. Reason? Check out a busy Kolkata. Do that in USA, and you are fined instantly. Peeing on the roadsides… that's even what you ought to see in India … (exempt some states if you want but that's how India is viewed). Dogs, cows, cattle… Can one just open a zoo on the streets itself? One gets to see stray dogs and cows in an Indian street (one of my uncle's kid who lives in Houston, reacted to India in this way: ‘You get to see cows on the roads!!')

SECURITY & TRAFFIC: India's security measures are on top of the world (well I have no right to mock)… Surely I'll not comment much more on that, it's a political issue here in India (here people find a political link to everything!). The traffic laws are meant to be broken in India (exempt the capital if you want). Speeding cars have caused more than a mentionable number of deaths and accidents. An ode to actors of the Bollywood industry is a must-mention when we talk of drunken driving leading to deaths on the pavement dwellers. In UK you'll find speed limits crossing of which leads to a hefty fine, seize of the vehicle and that's offence enough to cause a jail.(in India you'll find speed limits in quite a no of places, but you'll rarely find a driver obeying that).

POPULATION & AFTERMATH: For a change we're not talking of villages, poverty and stuff related to that (you can't question my responsibility as I've donated an entire article to poverty in India). India roughly leads the table of population. With an overwhelming population of 1,147,995,904, it's silly to expect all well-to-do and affluent people of that status with that many people. ‘Middle class' reigns India. An obvious example is cited: a 100 g cake is shared by 3 persons, each gets 33.33, while that same cake is shared by 10; each gets a meager share of 10. Nothing much can be done about that given the superstitions that dwell in the people's minds.

In China, more than two children mean offense, that's banned there. China deals with the overpopulation in this manner, but population there has not impeded their development, we're perhaps knowledgeable enough to know that China is one of the leading in technology and severely developed.

There are several other reasons that contribute to India's undeveloped-ness, one of which is CORRUPTION at all levels.

Now we know what sets the United Kingdom's and the United States apart.

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