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Typhoon Ondoy that ruined most cities and provinces in Luzon, Philippines: A Blessing in Disguise

BY: M A Silong | Category: Nature | Post Date: 2009-09-29

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   M A  Silong
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Typhoon Ondoy was one of the greatest and remarkable typhoons that hit Phippines. It hit the Philippines last Saturday, September 26, 2009. The whole Central Luzon and other provinces experienced heavy rain the whole day that lasted for approximately twenty four hours.

Because of this heavy rain the whole day, most cities in Luzon especially Marikina City and Pasig City flooded that had a deep water level that the water's already measured higher than a person.

Marikina and Pasig City had the worst water level that killed hundreds of families- from the richest to the poorest. While most provinces had a numerous number of landslides that buried hundreds of countrymen especially children. Most of them died underground.

Now, hundreds of family are suffering from hunger for most of them haven't eaten anything for forty-eight hours straight. The government and media are now coming together as one to distribute relief goods and some blankets for the families. The government declared a Price Freeze in the markets of the affected areas which means that vendors are not allowed to take advantage of the event and increase the price of their products.

In the mean time, more than a hundred of people are confirmed dead and some men and children are missing. Although many families are already rescued from their homes, some families still aren't because they were trapped.

This event, was considered as a blessing in disguise. Because of this Typhoon Ondoy, Filipinos come together and had unity to help each other in a time of disaster and need. Philippine president, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo personally, helped the families in need.

Typhoon Ondoy brought each Filipinos together to help each other and bring peace between the nation. Although some people risked their lives for this unity that was a blessing in disguise, a lot of people still took advantage of this unity. Perhaps, there are two lessons in this event.

First, we must know that nature do not choose the people it'll affect. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor. Besides, we must learn how to preserve and take care of our nature next time because every wrong doing we do to our environment will come back to us much more worse.

Second, we must learn how to bring peace and unity in the times of need. We must tie our knot together with the others and help them in the time of their disasters. We must know how to be thoughtful and helpful.

Typhoon Ondoy may be very tragic for most of the people in the Philippines, but it still brought peace and unity in the country. Now, two typhoons are expected to come in two to three days in the Philippines that's going to test again our faith and unity. . .

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i fELL piTy 2 dOs pEpOL wHo r sUffEring tHe typHoon!!! oL i shARE cAn is my prAyErs 4 tHem!
jona 2009-10-02
Typhoon Ondoy
It is very hard for me to accept that there is anything positive in this typhoon. The strong bond people are showing with each other is just temporary and after a while people will be back to their normal ways, but lives lost will never come back. Although I totally understand what you mean and that you are equally saddened like me after reading the loss of life, but I do not fully agree with you. Its good to see that you care about relationships, because most people are so selfish these days that they do not care about life and death of other people that much.
Jeng 2009-09-29

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