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Types of fleas | How to get rid of fleas

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Animals and Pets | Post Date: 2010-01-27

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Fleas are a common problem that is faced by many houses, especially those that are individual houses and are present near a wooded area. Fleas are very difficult to get rid of and they cause a lot of difficulties in the family once they start infesting the house. One of the major factors that cause the problems to multiply is the rapid reproduction that occurs in these fleas. A few fleas are able to rapidly multiply that they will become millions of fleas in just a few days.

Types of fleas:

Fleas are of very varied species. In fact it is very difficult to differentiate between the types. All the parasites that suck the blood from the host and live on this are called as fleas. There are different kinds of fleas that are present. One of the common types is the one that lives on pets like cats and dogs. Another type of flea is the sand flea that is bigger than the normal fleas and usually lives in places that are near the ocean.

How to be rid of the fleas?

There are many simple methods of getting rid of the fleas

1. Insecticides:

There are various types of insecticides that are present in the world. Many of them are not effective against fleas because the fleas are able to escape from these sprays. The spray should be effective against the fleas and for this, the sprays or insecticides should contain something called as the insect growth inhibitor. This causes a change in the life cycle of the fleas by making them to become unable to reproduce. This is more effective than killing the fleas as these fleas cannot multiply and cause problems.

2. Vacuuming:

Vacuuming is a very important method of killing all the fleas because the use of vacuum causes even the resistant fleas to be sucked and killed. This is especially true about the pupae that are very resistant to the sprays and insecticides. These pupae can be sucked into the vacuum. The vacuuming should be concentrated on places where the fleas are hiding in large numbers to effectively be able to wipe them out.

3. Flea bombs:

This is another important method of reducing the population if the fleas and can be used outdoors. One should be very careful in this because it can make pet animals and also small children to be sick.

4. Cleaning:

Even after all the fleas are killed, the cleaning of the clothes, mats, carpets in the house should be done. This is because of the eggs that could have been laid in these by the fleas and they could hatch. So cleaning is very important once the fleas are killed.

5. Pest control:

If all the home methods of wiping out the flea population fail, then the best method is to call a pest control person to control the growing population of the fleas.
These are the various methods of killing and getting rid of the fleas from your house.

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