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Types of computer monitors: Benefits of LCD, TFT and CRT monitors

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Animals and Pets | Post Date: 2010-01-27

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Computer monitors come in various shapes sizes and costs. A person who is not well versed with computers and their hardware may not be able to decide on the right type of computer monitor that needs to be purchased. There are actually three major types of monitors that can be used as computer screens. This article will help you decide on the type to purchase.

The various types of monitors are:

1. Cathode Ray Tube Monitors (CRT):

The Cathode Ray Tube Monitors are the types of monitors that were used in many personal computers for the past many years. This is the conventional type of monitors that are used to view the computer data. As time went by, the size of the computer monitor made people to want something smaller. The quality of the pictures on the Cathode Ray Tube Monitors were also not really good. In fact the resolution of pictures on the Cathode Ray Tube Monitors was very less. This made it possible for the invention for one of the most exciting computer monitors around.

2. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Monitors:

The Liquid Crystal Display as the name indicates has a wonderful display that is very good to look at because of the very high resolution that is present on the screen. There are various factors that vary between the different types of Liquid Crystal Display monitors. The first one is the very high resolution that is commonly about 1204X1280. This makes the quality of the picture to be very good. Other than the resolution, there are also other factors that make the Liquid Crystal Display monitors very sought after by people. There are also some monitors that have protection for the screen from scratches, making them very safe to use. The aspect ratio is another important factor that determines the resolution and picture quality of the display on the monitor or the computer screen.

3. The TFT screen:

The thin film transistor or the TFT screen is commonly used interchangeably with the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Monitors, but there is a difference between the two. The TFT screens for the computer monitors are also used in the LCD screens. It is an upgrading of the technology that is being used in the computer. The thin film transistor monitors are usually used in the Laptops and they are much more sensitive than the LCD monitors. They are also better as far as resolution is concerned. The thin film transistor monitors usually have a much lesser reaction time than the LCD monitors. The thin film transistor also have a much better resolution than the LCD monitors and this has made them much sought after by all those who are buying new computers.

Though these are the various important changes and the latest models of screens and monitors that are available on desktops and also laptops, many people think of the cost before buying the type of monitors. Other people consider the ease of use and the durability. It depends on the individual's choice, though it can be said that LCD and TFT are the latest technologies as far as monitors are concerned.

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