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Types Of Politicians - Honest And Corrupt Politicians

BY: thameem | Category: Politics | Post Date: 2008-08-07

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DEFINITION: Politicians are people who are responsible for running the National, State or Regional governments. They are usually elected by public voting and are responsible for passing laws which are beneficial for the society, some politicians may be appointed by an appropriate authority without public voting. Politicians are often affiliated with a political party and they are ideally supposed to work honestly for the best interest of ther nation and people, but there are some corrupt politicians whose main aim is to make money through unethical means or take other benefits for their own personal advancements.

As mentioned earlier, we can broadly classify politicians based on their honesty: Honest politicians and corrupt politicians.

Honest politicians try to offer a social service to the public and takes actions which help towards the overall advancement of the society. These individuals are very fond of doing good work for the benefit of society and are very caring for people in their constituency. These politicians try their best to do several good things for the society. They often take the suggestion from his people by understanding their demands and requirements. He tries his level best to take appropriate actions so that the basic needs of a common person are met, like providing the necessary water supply, electricity, sanitation, health, cleanliness, law and order are maintained. For example he may decide that all localities in his region are immunised properly once in a week. He also takes appropriate actions against the unwanted elements in the society.

Corrupt Politicians try to cheat people and the government. These politicians contest elections for the sake of money and other personal benefits. If they are elected as the counsellor, minister or among local government body members they may take inappropriate actions which would probably lead them to floating in money using bribes and corruption. For example, if their office gets money which was intended to be allotted to the particular area or activity, they may not spend all of it for that work or for the upliftment on the society. They may also get the bribes from higher authorities and no one else would know about it. They misuse their authority, power and rights in many ways. They hardly go to the society which elected them to the office. He does not do anything good (or hardly does) for the people of his constituency. Unlike an honest politician he may never take suggestion or the feed back from them which obvious annoys the people of that area. I wish that these corrupt politicians should be short listed and handover to the police and punished appropriately. They should be punished in such a way that it sets an example for other politicians and discourages them to do wrong things.

These are my political views which I tried to present in this article. Hope you liked it and agree with me.

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About Author / Additional Info: I am Thameemur rehman doing B.tech Computer Science 2nd year

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