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Two dimensions of Nature. Extremity is bad for every aspect of nature.

BY: moonlight | Category: Nature | Post Date: 2009-08-20

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This article discusses about the two dimensions of the word; nature. It talks about the exploitations done to these dimensions and when they reach to the extreme stage of tolerance, they start rebelling those exploitations and make the human race realize of their all wrong actions.

The word ‘nature' has two broad dimensions. On the one hand this word depicts the natural conditions and the natural resources being blessed to us by the cosmic phenomena and on the other hand this word reflects the personal attributes and personal conditions of human beings specifically named as human nature. When this word signifies the first dimension the very spontaneous image that comes into the mind is the image of green valleys, gardens, trees, mountains and other beautiful creatures.

Nature is a marvelous gift of god that not only gives us the sensual joys but physical benefits for our livelihood. Nature has given so much of it to us whether it is in the context of very basic needs such as air, water, food and land or even other resources that have been immensely beneficial for our lives and many other works. Nature has always been very kind towards the mankind. There is no such regard for the nature by which the mankind can show its gratitude and reverence.

The second dimension of the word ‘nature' reflects the thoughts, desires, feelings and emotions that define a human nature. Nature shows the kinds of thoughts and attitude a human being possesses. For instance, when I say; serving others is my nature, it defines that I have caring and humble thoughts for others, in short, our thoughts, feelings and attitudes define the human nature and that is the other dimension of the word nature.

Now let's synchronize both of the dimensions of nature. At one hand there are natural conditions and resources available for the mankind and at other hand there are personal thoughts and attitudes of human beings. What I want to discuss here that these both dimensions are there for the betterment of mankind and moreover these both dimensions have their certain limits. The moment their limits are crossed both the dimensions start REBELLING and OPPOSING the exploitation done by the human race.

Now let's come back to the first dimension. As we all know nature provides us all the useful resources and helpful conditions but the human race has started the extreme exploitation of all those conditions and facilities. Though mankind has become successful, powerful and wealthy but underneath this whole successful infra-structure is based upon the exploitation of nature. Rapid industrialization, chemicalization, technological advancement, commercialization have intervened into the natural cycle of nature and these all have depleted the natural grace and the powers of the nature. These all so called advancements into human being's lives have created blunder and disastrous conditions (depletion of ozone layer, melting of ice glaciers, water level increase, increase in various kinds of pollution, environmental degradation etc) for the nature. Nature has now reached to the extremity of its tolerance and it has started rebelling to the mankind.

Today, all the turbulences that we are facing into the nature are nothing but the effects of the rebels of the nature against the mankind. Global warming, frequent earthquakes, droughts, tsunami, climate uncertainties, these all are nature's ways to show its rebel. Human race firstly did not act rationally and continued exploiting the nature and now when the poor nature has crossed all the limits of its tolerance so the human beings are surprised by all the effects of their own wrong and indecent actions done to the nature.

In other dimension there are also few effects, the human beings are facing today. It is been prescribed in the great religions for the human beings to possess positive nature (swabhav) consist of positive thoughts in mind and intellect (two main faculties by which and where the thoughts are generated and analyzed). Positivity maintains the beauty of the life and makes the person courageous and wise. Positive thoughts and attitudes are such which bring happiness, joy, peace, bliss and knowledge into the life. To have unlimited desires is unhealthy for anyone therefore human beings should limitize their desires and moreover they must transform their desires for the welfare of mankind. There should be actions but devoid of impure desires (vasnaas). Impure desires lead to impure actions and in return pay off as bad results.

Attitude of human beings should be virtuous. Adoption of divine virtues such as humility, peace, happiness, love, introvertness, patience, tolerance, determination etc, should be a part of the human nature. The great world renowned scripture the ‘Gita' (asserted by the Supreme Being) states the healthy procedures to maintain equity among the thoughts, attitudes and desires very well. It states the supreme way to stay peaceful, -LIVE AND LET LIVE-. There should not be any suppression of anyone's true feelings. Everybody should accompany the truth. But on the contrary the human beings have ruined the structure and dignity of personal nature. Human beings have degraded their thoughts, desires and attitudes. They have adopted materialistic attitude and unlimited desires for the possession of materials, comforts, non living objects and many temporary means. Impurity has entered into their thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

Human beings are madly running and indulging into competitions, comparisons, jealousy and discriminations. Sometimes there is so much of suppression of the true feelings, people have started disbelieving the true values, they are afraid of following the truth; few people tend to overpower other's rights and wishes. They tend to dominate others and quarrel just because to prove their point as righteous. Nobody is ready to trust anyone. Everyone has spoiled the internal nature that expects the human being to be happy and let others be happy.

These impure thoughts, false desires and wrong attitudes have crossed the limits and done just opposite of the prescribed conditions and methods for the attainment and maintenance of true human nature. Surprisingly these kinds of unhealthy attitudes, impure thoughts and desires generated at the mind and intellect level now going out of the way and in the result they have started over demanding from the body. Indulgence in wrong thoughts creates tensions and anxieties that make the body weak and in these situations the body starts rebelling the mind and stop supporting the mind. It starts showing its rebel by the way of various symptoms and those all symptoms take the form of psychosomatic diseases and other illness. Today mostly human beings are suffering from many psychosomatic problems. Depression, High-Blood pressure, Thyroidism, Arthritis, Joint Aches, Fibro-Mylgia, Fatigue, Heart -Attacks are few very frequent problems that arise due to the emergence of false human nature.

Whenever the mind and intellect go beyond the prescribed positive and healthy nature then the body always rebels it because it is an exploitation of the inherent human nature. So it would be rebelled when it would reach the extreme stage. Extremity is always bad for anything. I have made an honest effort to discuss this factor in the context of nature with its two broad dimensions. Now, we have come to know that he have reached at the peak point so is there any remedy to rectify our mistakes in both of the contexts? Yes! There is still a remedy. It is the; -APPROACH OF BALANCE-. It is said that neither stretch the strings of the instrument so much that they break down nor loosen the strings so much that the sound does not come out of the instrument.

There should be a mid stream approach. Human beings must apply the mid stream way or a balanced approach. Till now whatever wrong they have done to both of the dimensions that cannot be regained, but now onwards they should understand the pathetic conditions of their personal and social lives caused by their own wrong actions. Exploitation should be reduced to the minimum and REHABILITATION should be started immediately to stop the rebels of both of the dimensions.

Rehabilitation of the first dimension may include few things such as the increase in plantations, reduce in usage of chemicals, polythenes and other nature damaging chemicals, appropriate garbage facilities of the industrial wastage, reduce in polluting gases, regular cleaning of the rivers and streets, increase in sanitary facilities, increase in natural methods of farming etc . On the other hand rehabilitation of the second dimension may include the activities such as; increase in spiritual activities, services, meditation and self-realization, adoption of virtues.

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Excellent perspective
Dear Editor, I think that author has very well expressed her chain of thoughts about saving nature and limiting its destruction. Kudos from my side ! The article was indeed interesting... Rob
Rob Vazi 2009-08-20
Extremity of anything is bad
.. yes its bad for nature too as you very well pointed out.
Sneha 2009-08-20
thank you
dear reader thank you so much for prasing my efforts. this would surely motivate me to write better and best.
jyotsna 2009-08-20

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