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Triple bunk beds and their benefits

BY: Deena David | Category: Home Improvement | Post Date: 2010-01-27

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   Deena David
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Bunk beds are one of the commonest kinds of beds that are seen in cities where the apartments are small and families are not able to afford the space for a separate bed for each of their children. There are different kinds of bunk beds and the most common of these types are the double bunk beds and the triple bunk beds. The triple bunk beds as the name indicates, has three tiers of bunks. These three tiers are now available in various positions because of the safety concerns that are attached to the triple bunk beds.

Safety concerns in triple bunk beds:

1. Falls:

One of the most important safety concerns attached to bunk beds is the risk of fall and injury. Usually the kids are the ones who lie on the bunks. Though there are a lot of bunk beds that are available with protective railings, there is still a risk of the person falling off the bunk with a high chance of fatal or near fatal injuries.

2. Lack of breathing space:

Many three tier bunks have the third tier very close to the ceiling. The space near the ceiling may not have a lot of breathing space for the person lying on the third tier. The air that is present in the top of the third tier will also be very limited and it can contain more of carbon di oxide and less oxygen, This makes it very important for the space between the ceiling and the third tier to be more. This is also the specifications of various governments. This is also another safety concern of using triple bunk beds.

Types of triple bunk beds:

Though there are various types of triple bunk beds available, the most common type of triple bunk beds are the ones that are L shaped. This means that the triple bunks do not lie one on top of the other. Instead, the three bunks are present at various angles. The lower bunk is the one on the floor. The top two buns are usually at the same height, but they are at various angles and also various positions. This makes it safer as these bunks are not as high as the ceiling and also these bunks are not able to cause a lot of damage even in case of falls.

Advantages of trips bunk beds:

1. Space:

the decreased consumption of space is one of the most important advantages of having a triple bunk bed. The space saving is very helpful in cities that are very costly to live in.

2. Can accommodate more kids:

These bunks are very useful in houses where there are three kids as these kids can be accommodated in a single room in various beds.

3. Gives a chance for kids to bond:

The kids sleeping in the same room gives them a chance to get closer to each other, share their secrets and thoughts making them become closer to each other than they would have been if they slept in different rooms.

These are the various types and also the advantages of triple bunk beds.

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