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Traffic Building and best methods of increasing Google Adsense revenue

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Work From Home | Post Date: 2010-02-01

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   David Prakash Kumar
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If webmasters want to get their sites to increase income, the best way is to use Google Adsense. There are many skilled bloggers and webmasters who fought hard to earn money through their sites. Only a few among them placed Google Adsense ads get a decent income. What makes these webmasters is different from others is that they have a different outlook and want to use their sites to make some extra cash, and they have the will to get it done too.

These webmasters have tried and succeeded, often using some common ways to earn money using Adsense. Some of this information has helped greatly to increase revenues in the past and I think it will help in the future too.

There are proven methods that can improve Adsense revenue and traffic, such as

Focus on one Adsense ad format. A format that works well for most webmasters is large rectangle (336x280). It should look like normal text links and in no way commercial. This format therefore makes people more easily click without realizing that these links are related to Adsense.

Color. Choose a color that goes well with the background page. This leads to more clicks from visitors, which results in higher earnings. Many of the webmasters really do not understand this and so make less money than they could.

Remove the Adsense ads on the bottom of the page and put it on top which will increase the income. Many people do not read through an article and so would never even get to the part of the ad's.

These are some information that worked well for some who have already earned big money with their sites. Importantly, their ads are displayed to match the interest that people who visit these sites. So, your main goal should be to focus on one topic, so that ads will be similar to the site's theme.

At first you need to know which keywords your site contains. This is known as keyword density verification. From this point on try to focus on those words suggested which appeared in searches. Try to include those words or at least some of them as often as you can in the links located on the site. The content of your site is crucial and so is the manner of the articles you write, because Google Adsense is a reliable method to generate more traffic and thus more money. You need good content or nobody will enter your site and read garbage or rubbish information. If you have well-chosen words in your site, you get more expensive ads that result in a much higher income from clicking.

It all depends on how many people enter your site and how many people click the ads. Therefore, everything is just a simple problem of getting more traffic in order to receive more money from Adsense. There are some sites that seem to have a high number of clicks and earn a lot of revenue and there are others that earn less, so it a matter of the content and also the type of traffic that comes to your site.

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