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Tourist Attractions Of France. Best Places To See In France.

BY: Travel Lover | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2009-09-13

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   Travel Lover
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Located in western Europe, France is the leading tourist attraction of Europe, millions of tourists pour into the county each year. Most of the tourist attractions of France are located in and around Paris which is also the most visited city in the world. Best places to see in France include the world famous Eiffel Tower located in Paris along with several ancient monuments, splendid Cathedrals, grand palaces, unique museums and mesmerizing natural wonders. Being one of the largest visited countries in the world, France has everything that one can desire for in a vacation. The country boasts of its rich history, culture, good food and world renowned fashion.


Eiffel Tower
The world famous Eiffel Tower of France was the tallest construction of the world when it was first constructed, today, it stands as the 5th tallest but it is still the tallest in Paris.

Mont St Michel
This spectacular chapel is built on a 80 meters high granite rock which is 1 km away from the mainland. A walk around the base of the mount is the best way to enjoy the place.

The tall white cliffs of the village of Etretat are a very popular tourist attraction of France, its beauty has been an inspiration to several artists and writers. Nature has adorned this place with beauty, climbing the cliffs to get better views of the rock formations is a popular activity here.

Chartres Cathedral
Located at a distance of about 60 miles southeast of Paris, the magnificent Cathedral is known for its unique stained glass windows that tell stories from the Bible. The glass work is so precious that during both the world wars, thousands of these panes were taken apart and hidden inorder to protect them from any damage.

Place des Vosges
Situated in the Marias area of Paris, Place des Vosges is the most elegant and the oldest Square of Paris. The best places to see here are Musee Carnavalet and Musee Picasso.

The Cathedral of Notre Dame
Ever since the Roman times, Notre Dame has been a place of Worship. Till today it is a popular tourist attraction of France, especially known for its Glorious Cathedral with rose windows and flying buttresses on the side, holding the choir. This is one of the most famous Cathedrals of the world and was made by Victor Hugo.

The Louvre
What was once the largest palace of the world, is the world's largest museum today. This grand structure known as the Louvre, stretches for almost 1km. and houses over 39,00 items that have been divided into eight collections.

Initially used as a hunting lodge and later as a palace, this unique building known as Fontainbleau lies in the middle of a forest, almost 55km from Paris and is one of the must places to see in Paris.

The Loire Valley
Also known as 'the Garden of France' The Loire Valley is rich in history, art and beautiful architecture. Since it is also known for its vineyards and famous wines like Sancerre and Muscadet, it is a popular tourist attraction of France.

Belle Ile an Mer
Lying in the Atlantic ocean, Belle Ile an Mer is the largest of Brittany's islands and is beautiful just like its name suggests. It has over 90 beaches to explore and is a desirable vacation place of France.

The Aven Armand Cave
The Cave of Aven Armand is very vast and is believed to house the world's tallest Stalagmite. The formations inside the cave are also known as "the Virgin Forest" that glitter like diamonds and are of very unusual shapes.

Les Gorges Du Verdon
This is a natural wonder of Europe, it is a gorge cut into the surrounding rock and is the largest one in Europe and is also referred to as the "Grand Canyon" of Europe.

Gorges du Tarn
Being one of the most beautiful gorges of France, Gorges du Tarn is one of the best places to see in France. An interesting way to explore the place is to hire a glass bottomed boat.

The city of Orange is mainly known for its well preserved Roman theatre built at the base of a hill. It has a large stone stage wall and it is believed that only three of them are left in the world.

St Tropez
It is believed that a trip to France is incomplete without a stop at this beautiful town of St Tropez. It is known for its beaches and is a popular holiday spot amongst the rich and the famous. If you want to catch a few movie stars then October to May is a good time to come here when the place is not too busy.

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