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Top Reasons Why Relationships End Up in a short time

BY: M A Silong | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2009-09-04

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   M A  Silong
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Relationships (Especially young ones) are very common nowadays. Even teenagers from age 13 until fifteen are no doubt involved in relationships. But not all relationships last really long. They sometimes just last for months or a single year. And the next thing is break up. What are the top reasons why relationships don't last long?

Nowadays, the longest running relationship is usually 3-6 years. For some, this may already be a long term relationship. But truthfully, for a serious relationship, this is just the period where they are just adjusting with each other. In a rightful and truthful relationship, they end up marrying each other, having kids and growing old still together. But 'Growing Old Together' seems like already vanished from the minds of the couples of our society nowadays for they are already breaking up in a short period of time. Really, what are the reasons behind this?


These days, relationships overseas are very common. Long distance relationship can also affect on how long a relationship shall last. Communication is very important in a relationship because this is one of the factors that help you feel like both of you is present in each other. But in terms of long distance relationships, communication is ver hard to find. Yes, there are yahoo messengers and e-mails. Even so, those things still can't be considered as a communication for a couple to use. When communication is already fading in a relationship, both of them might think that it is time to have a break up because it seemed like it is already useless.


The most common thing most relationships fight about is the thing that they both thinks their partner is cheating at them. There is a 99.9% possibility that a relationship might end just because you THINK that your partner is cheating without the knowledge that he really isn't. And because of this crazy lie and theory in your mind, in some way, your mind is telling you to end the relationship. Trust is very important in a relationship. If you know that he loves you and you love him too, then you must not think about negative things he might be doing right now. He loves you so he won't cheat. You love him so you won't think about negative theories. You can only accuse him of such things when you already found a proof. If you did, then you can talk to him and decide things thoroughly.


Respect is one of the most important factors in relationships. You must respect each move, each word and each decisions that your partner is going to say. For example, you wanted to make out with her in some motel. But she is not ready yet so she refuses. You must not keep on telling her to do it even though she doesn't want to. Respect her decision and wait for the time when she's ready.


Patience is also important in a relationship especially when it comes to marriage. Before a marriage, of course you must save for a lot of bucks to continue the marriage. But you won't have the right amount of money in just a snap! Of course you also have to wait for months, or maybe years, to have this marriage you want. Second example, you want to have a baby. But she he stiull doesn't want to have children in your family. You must also give him way and wait for him to tell you he already wanted to have one.


Of course, love is the most important factor in a relationship. You should have relationship with someone you truly love and you are dying for. You don't need to force yourself to love this person even if you really don't need to. Because if you do, it really would be useless in the end. You must only have a relationship with someone your heart speaks for and your mind thinks of. If you do, you'll really have an everlasting and eternal love. Believe me.

These are just a few reasons why relationships easily end up on break ups. There are still a whole lot more reasons behind this. It is not yet too late. We can still make our relationship much stronger and who knows? It might end up in wedding bells . . .

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About Author / Additional Info: If you'd like to know more, e-mail me at meleaagatha.silong@yahoo.com Thank you!

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