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Tips to fight obesity with hypothyroidism condition.

BY: payal | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2009-09-08

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Staying fit, slim and healthy is everyone's dream in this modern word. But there are few health condition which persist forever like thyroid which slow down the body's process and the patients with this condition find it difficult to loose weight hence stay healthy. But little bit of extra efforts can help to speed up your body's process. Here are few tips which can helps you to loose weight in spite of thyroid condition.

Hypothyroidism is the condition in which the thyroid gland produces too little hormone needed for the body to function normally, which results in to slowing down of body's process like slow heart rate ,tiredness, intolerance towards cold, mental fatigue and constipation etc.

Although it can be successfully treated but thyroid patients find it difficult to loose weight because metabolism level slows down. Inefficiency of metabolism is the prime cause for weight gain.

Here are few of the tips that can help you fight obesity in thyroid due to hypothyroidism:

1. Be regular for your daily dose of thyroxin prescribed by doctor. Don't forget to take it empty stomach with a glass of water, one hour before food.

2. Avoid refined food, Saturated fat and Sugar Products. Thyroid patients should avoid Brussels sprouts ,cabbage ,broccoli, Mustard Green, Pear, peaches, peanuts, Soya Meal (Nuggets, Bean curd, soya bean oil) etc. they have anti thyroid substance and may suppress the thyroid functioning and reduce metabolism which affects your weight loss.

3. You must have your meals on time and never skip them. Taking 6 short meals through out the day keeps the metabolic rate high that further helps in weight reduction. Avoid high carbohydrate diet.

4. Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is a miraculous diet which works wonder especially in thyroid, although feels difficult to believe as it is highly saturated fat. But it is a fact that VCO helps to reduce weight in the condition like thyroid also where it is hard to loose. VCO is called as medium chain triglycerides (MCT) or medium chain fatty acids, which metabolize quickly and convert this into energy instead of storing it as excess fat hence revive up the body's sluggish metabolism and prompt weight loss.

5. Yoga stimulates the thyroid gland to work at its peak. It limbers and stretches the neck. Here are the few Asana'a and Pranayam's for thyroid.

1. Sarvangasana
2. Naukasana
3. Uttanpadasana
4. Yashikasana

1. Kapalbhati
2. Anuloma-Viloma-Kapalabhatti (Skull Cleansing)
3. Nadi Shodana or Anuloma-Viloma (Alternate Nostril Breathing)
4. Ujjayi (Ocean Breath) that stimulate the thyroid glad to produce sufficient hormone

6. Keep yourself active. Exercise for say 20 minutes daily or go for a brisk walk. The hypothyroid patients feel quite fatigued. In order to fight this fatigue they need a lot of emotional strength & determination. Having a negative attitude would enhance your problems. So stay positive.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: In Hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone. Treatments are available but there is no known prevention for hypothyroidism.

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Thanks for appreciation
Hi sir,Thanks alote for your comments and appreciation...yoga is really helpful in thyroid especially ujjayi pranayam and trust me virgin coconut oil which is also available in india it is very helpful in increasing metabolism and your energy level and after some days of its intake u can feel a bit rise in body temprature which reduces in thyroid and constipation also get relieved thanks
payal ghosh 2009-09-09
You seem quite knowledgeable
Dear Payal, you definitely seems to have a pretty good knowledge about medical field. Very informative article .. Good work. Keep us informed periodically about other things you know.
Indra Thakur 2009-09-09
Thanks for thyroid tips
I have the same problem of irregular thyroid hormones as mentioned in this article. Life can be quite difficult if one does not take proper precautions. I really like your ideas about Yoga, I guess they are worth trying. I will try to find a place who teach Yoga on Sundays. Nice article .. Thank you ..
R.S. Khanna 2009-09-08

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