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Tips to create a good Online Matrimony Profile or Shaadi biodata

BY: Swati | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2009-08-11

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These days more and more people depend on online matrimony websites (most notably Shaadi.com, BharatMartimony.com, JeevanSaathi.com, SimplyMarry.com and SecondShaadi.com) to find the Bride or Bride-Groom of their dreams. The trend when people only got married when someone was referred by their relative, are slowly diminishing away for good. Common questions asked by individuals regarding online matrimony sites are:

1. Does online match-making really work?
2. Is it safe to use these matrimony sites?
3. Should I add a photo to my online profile?
4. What should I write in my matrimony profile?
.. and so on.

Yes, these online matrimony sites do work and it's up to you how to get the best out of them. These matrimony websites give you a vast pool of candidates to select from, rather than just a few people who your relatives know or you come in contact during your college or workplace. In this article I will not give you any profile samples but a general guideline/approach that should be used to create a good online matrimony profile, also known by many as online Shaadi biodata.

There are millions of profiles/biodata of individuals seeking to find the right one. Therefore, creating an ordinary or a boring profile will not take you anywhere. You need to be a lot more excited and involved than others to meet the right set of candidates. The best part, its not that difficult to stand-out among the crowd because more than 80% profiles out there are ordinary, boring, have no photos and often full of grammatical mistakes. Remember first impression is the last impression, so we will help you to make a killer profile.

Believe it or not, 99% of the people coming to your profile will look at you photo before reading anything else. You do not have to be a super cute person, but regular people can look quite presentable if the photograph is taken by a good photographer. I have seen people putting blurred pictures taken through webcam and some even put their old college/kiddish photo, you should never do that. Many people are not photogenic and they use that as an excuse for not putting picture in their matrimony profile. We all look good, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Just go to a professional photographer, tell him you need pictures for your online matrimony profile and he should know on how to do the job. Do not use too much makeup and always carry a few set of good clothes. This will give you a good variety of pictures in various dresses. Appear comfortable in photos and make sure that most photos clearly show your facial features and others show your overall physique.

Girls in particular are quite hesitant to add pictures in their profile with the fear of someone copying it and tempering with it. Frankly, its possible, but these days millions of girls have started to put a picture online and you are not the only one, so I would not personally fear about tempering. You are not the only one on the site who has added a picture, every other profile has it, so do not hesitate. No one is literally waiting to misuse your photo the moment you upload it. For boys, shirt with pant or blue jeans works the best. For girls casual-top with jeans, or Salwaar-suit or even a saree is fine ( all depends on your comfort level). Avoid wearing sunglass or cap in your main picture atleast, possibly in all of them.

Do not over expose or overly cover yourself, find a comfortable zone. Do not try to appear like a super-model. Photo is the most important part in a matrimony profile, do not omit it and do it nicely.

Many people just create one or two big paragraphs and post everything in "About Me" section. Always put your information in proper designated places. There are allocated sections and selections for hobbies, education, smoking preference, drinking preference, skin complexion, height, religion, caste, goals, expectations etc. These selections help to properly categorize your profile and show accordingly search results. Majority of profiles that are created are never read by the employees of that website, their matrimony software automatically groups them based on your selections. If you are careless then software will get confused or not show results as you want.

Do not be too strict about the partner preference. For example if you are looking for someone 5'9 in height, its a good idea to give a range of 5'8 to 6 ft. At the same time do not loosen your requirements so much that you look like a desperate person waiting to marry. If you are very specific about the cast or religion of your partner and that is too important to you, may be it's ok to specify them as 'Required'.

Remember, this is the most difficult part and requires a lot of thinking. You do not want to make your profile too long or too short. Just stick with 2-5 sentences at the most per section. Spend hours thinking how to describe yourself. Be honest and do not over-exaggerate things. Make sure that your profile is free of grammatical / spelling errors. Take a peek on what others have written, by doing a search of profiles similar to yours. There is no harm in hand picking some good ideas from others and create a killer profile of your own. Do not use over complicated words or phrases which may not be understood by half the people. You can create a very impressive profile by using commonly spoken words. Remember to highlight your good and strong points. For example if you received scholarship for your academic excellence, or you studied in IIT or IIM's. Write about your profession, educational background and future goals. Write a one liner about your parents and how many siblings you are. Think your profile as a 2 minute face to face interview in which you have to tell about yourself and briefly about the type of match you expect. It is important to not to disclose your extreme personal information like home address, phone number etc .. ( obviously apply common sense).

Matrimony is not like selling something on the web, it's a matter of your whole life. Therefore spend money on a premium membership or paid membership. Premium memberships get many more responses than regular ones. This is especially important if you are planning to get married very soon.

See what all responses you get. There will be some spam matches as well, just block those. Since you are dealing with unknown people on the internet, and you know limited about them follow a cautious approach. Follow your instincts, disclose additional information once you feel comfortable.

As I mentioned earlier, most popular matrimony sites are : Shaadi.com, BharatMartimony.com, JeevanSaathi.com and SimplyMarry.com. Some people get better results on one website over another. I recommend you to try atleast two of them.

Good luck !

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