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Tips to Generate Traffic for a Website

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Work From Home | Post Date: 2010-01-29

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Let's say that you just created a site, no matter what the niche is, or you have a personal blog, the first thing you want to do, is to increase the traffic. Even if you do not put anything valuable like good content, you want as much traffic as possible.

Web page design is a key element of success.

A site that looks good with all kinds of Flash animations, or even AJAX, accompanied by a content management system (Content Management System or CMS), may not bring the expected results, and that is because Web Design SEO is different from regular web design. If you want to have a design that assists or helps you get the best ranking, you must keep in mind that product and design are important.

I made a website / blog, how can I have traffic?

The first thing you got to know about your site content is if it is interesting and valuable content. If not, the traffic will be very less. Write about what you want, as long as you're passionate about that subject and can provide value to your readers!

Before you think of what people want to get from the site / blog and how to convert, think well about what you write. How well you write and most importantly, if you have time to write are important facts to be considered.

Follow the activity of online people who you admire or have "that something" which makes you always turn to their blog/site. You can discover from them how to provide value through articles and you can provide similar articles.

Inspire yourself, do not steal ! (Nobody likes thieves.)

Find out! Read more
about various topics and then write. Some of the things that will make you a better writer is if you read and learn on How to make a research for an article, how to write an article, formatting rules

SEO: How to optimize your site to receive more traffic (free traffic from search sites Google made)

Social Media Marketing:
what is social networking? Who uses social networks that are filled with clicks on ad's.

Viral Marketing: What is this all about? What is the benefit to Viral Marketing?

Social Community:
You are interested in those who read your stuff and you want to know what they think, because many of them probably read other content different from yours. It is better if you are in the community of bloggers as it integrates the community, and makes others listen to your opinion.

I have traffic but my articles are not really plugged into the account (I have no comment):

Compose a story about a most sensitive subject, write it in a way that is special, so as to generate a debate (or in some cases, argument). People are very challenging when they are urged to express their opinion or support their own arguments.
Branding is used to raise awareness of a product or a service consumer in mind. Branding can generate traffic, increasing number of visitors will access your site if you manage to target a segment and focus on those communities on the Internet, then they might be interested in what you offer.

These are the essential latest ideas to generate traffic to your site.

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