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Tips on buying a safe and good Baby Stroller

BY: Swati | Category: Family | Post Date: 2008-10-09

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Buying a baby stroller is a very serious business, think of it as the first car of your baby. It should not only be safe, comfortable but you should also check things like weight, additional features, return policy, color and strength. Baby stroller is a place where your baby could be sitting for hours while you do shopping or go for a walk. Babies are not strong like the grown-ups and we often have to see if we are buying the stroller from their point of view or not. I am no expert but there are atleast these thing you should consider before buying a baby stroller.

1. Safety:
No doubt, this is the most important thing. Always try to buy a baby stroller which you have seen an open piece. All strollers are a bit shaky to absorb shocks but the overall built should be strong. Make sure that it does not have parts that come off too easily. It should have a reliable restraining belts, "T" buckles are usually considered the best. There should be a stopper to keep a cart from not moving if needed. Baby stroller should have no pointed objects and the wheel base should be wide. It should not trip backwards unless excessive force is applied and should be able to easily move forward in straight line even with one hand. There should be enough latches to prevent an accidental closure of the stroller. Check if that stroller has been recalled in past, most stores remove those products but some sellers do not necessarily remove them from online. Leg opening should not be too wide to prevent the baby from sliding down. Always register your stroller with manufacturer in case there are any recalls so you can be notified. Save the user manual if you even need it later.

2. Comfort:
Baby strollers should not only be comfortable for your baby but also for you. Most strollers have an adjustable back rest which assists baby to sit upright or sleep. The pushing handle should be adjustable to a height most comfortable for you. It should have a sunshade and possibly a blanket below the baby seat. Trust me, that basket will be your best friend when it comes to keep spare light weight things for the baby, like blanket and diaper bag. Some women use that basket to keep their light weight shopping items in it. The fabric of stroller should have enough cushion to keep the baby comfortable. Cup holders and some small compartments are also useful.

3. Easy to fold:
Even though in beginning even simple strollers would seem difficult to fold but soon you will get the hang on it. Some fancy strollers can be difficult to fold, I personally would avoid those. After folding the stroller, it should fit in your car trunk with still some room left.

4. Colour of the baby stroller:
Colour of a stroller can be tricky, I have seen many parents struggling to decide what colour they really like. I personally like to stay away from dark coloured strollers because they may be less visible to others in the evening or night when you are walking on pedestrian way or crossing the road. If you are looking to buy a pink shaded stroller for your baby girl, it a good idea but keep in mind that if you go for a second baby in future and it happens to be a boy, you will not be comfortable re-using your pink stroller. Depending on your situation you may decide to select a neutral colour like Green, light brown etc.

5. Cleanliness:
Whenever you need the fabric of stroller should be removable and washable in your washer. Keep you manual, it will have instructions how to safely remove the fabric and reattach it.

6. Weight of Stroller:
Very light strollers tend to be less stable and very heavy strollers can be difficult to push and lift. Select a stroller which fits your needs and is safe at the same time.

7. Baby/infant seat:
Many strollers come with baby seats, make sure that it latches very well on your stroller. Most fire stations and hospitals have staff who will teach how to install the baby seat firmly in your car.

8. Go on internet for reviews:
Go on internet to see user reviews and make sure that you see the bad reviews more carefully. Do not believe every single statement but get an idea. If the rating of a stroller is less than 3.5 out of 5 and has been reviewed by more than 10 people, I personally will avoid it.

Other useful instructions:
- Never keep small/lose items in the cart which be a choking hazard.
- Always check the return polity of the internet seller or the regular store.
- Assembly of baby stroller should not drive you crazy.
- Stick to good and reliable brands like Graco, Baby first etc ..

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