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Tips for making money from laying horses

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Animals and Pets | Post Date: 2010-01-15

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   David Prakash Kumar
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There are many people who bet on horses to make money. A person can make money in a lot of methods, but betting on horses has always been considered to be a way of gambling. This is the reason for which many people are averse to betting on horses. These days, with the use of various betting syndicates, the betting on horses has become very easy. The betting is so easy that many people are easily making money by betting. It should be also understood by those who bet that they can easily lose money too.

One of the simplest methods of betting on horses and still making money most of the time is laying horses. This is a term that is heard very rarely by people who are not familiar with the betting on horses. The term actually means that there are people who are betting on horses to lose. When you think of it, it is a simple method of making money.

This is the reason for many people trying to make money laying horses. They bet on a horse to lose a race and when the horse loses the race, they make a lot of money. As all of us know, there can only be a single horse that can gallop to a win and all the others lose out. The losing horses are many and any person who bets on them to lose make money.

There are certain things that have to be remembered for a person to make money from these losing horses. They include the following:

1. Research:

Research is very important to decide which horse will lose the race. This is because there will be certain horses that consistently lose due to certain reasons. The horse should be noted and the person should do more research to see if the horse will lose again and then can bet on the horse.

2. Jockey:

The jockey is the person who rides the horse. There are various types of jockeys and some of them are very good at riding horses. These jockeys will find it very easy to ride and win in spite of the weakness of a horse. If these jockeys have a good horse, then they are sure to win. So the jockey plays an important role in the win. So the person should bet on a horse that is weak and has no history of wins. The person will also win money by laying horses if they bet on a jockey who has a string of losses.

In spite of all the research on the horse and also on the jockey, betting on horses is a risk because the jockey and the horse are in the race to win and not to lose, even though many people may bet that they will lose. There may be a time when history is made and the horse with many losses or the jockey with many losses may have a win. This is sure to make a lot of money for the betting syndicates and wipe out the savings of many betters.

So, adequate care is needed in laying horses to make money.

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