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Tips for beginners to keep a pet at home.

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Animals and Pets | Post Date: 2009-09-22

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   Muhammed Haris
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The purpose of the article is to give a brief idea to beginners who want to start the hobby of nurturing the pets at home. People go for buying domestic pets for home by getting inspiration from other people who love and enjoy the company of the pets. While looking at common domestic pets like dogs, cats and birds, one would perceive that domestic pets were born to easily adjust at home and are not troublesome at all. But when a beginner actually keep a pet in their home, they quickly get frustrated by some peculiar behaviors of those pet animals is very different from what they had expected. All it takes to build a rapport and an unsaid understanding with these pets. Here are some tips for the beginners to want to keep a pet at their home.

It is advisable buy a pet when it is still a little one (baby). Pets who are already grown up find it hard to adjust with new owner and new surroundings, it is very difficult to change their basic nature so that it fits your needs. Grown up pets expect a treatment similar to how they go treated by the previous owner. For example your food pattern may be different from its previous owner. Before getting a pet ensure that you have enough space for the pet to live comfortably or not.

Do not directly lift the pet in your hands in the beginning. Pets tend to have the phobia/fear about human beings. Unless you prove them that you never hurt or harm them, instead you love them, otherwise they would not react in a friendly manner. Just like wild animals, even pet has the strength and attitude of fighting against other living being, if they doubt they can be hurt.

The best way to get a friendly reaction from the pet is to feed him the best food they would love to eat. It is advisable to be near them when you feed. See if they really like it or not. If they do not eat a particular food, do not force them to eat, instead try a different food. Also, keep some water nearby when they eat food. Follow your instincts and apply common sense.

Study about the "Preferences of Animals" indicates that each pet is different. Every dog need not prefer the same food. Every cat need not prefer the same food. Just like human beings each one has a different taste. Do not feed them the food which is too hot or too spicy. They would start hating that food or that drink forever.

In case if your pet animals steals the food from your kitchen, do not punish them. Instead try to pet-proof your home, the same way you baby-proof the home when a young human baby is born. Any kind of punishment given to the pets would increase its phobia towards human beings. If you at all want to verbally scold them, be gentle.

I hope that above tips would be helpful to any beginner who is thinking to keep a pet for home.

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nice tips about pet care
hi dear, i read ur three articles and the article is about pet care is so nice and usefull. because.am plaing 2 buy some birds for home. i will follow ur tips.
sujatha agarwal 2009-10-07

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