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Thirsty.. An eternal thirst

BY: popcornbrothers | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2009-02-25

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Glory you a summer season…
I walked on a hilly terrain

Wearing an icy look,
Even death empathizes with the life
All along I grazed; found empty shadows
Staring at me thro' soulless eyes!

Alas! I don't even sweat
Not a single drop flowed
Be it my body or eyes,
Was I crying, don't seem to remember.

I wanted water more than anything else
Then it was there and it isn't
Are my thoughts playing hide and seek?
Rubbish! It is there!
A shallow creek
I ran, ran for a life
Away from this life...

The Clock ticked...when
reached the water, I
After an eternity of time
could have been hours or minutes
A drowsed shoulder and a bend knee,
Found myself kneeling towards it!

There beneath the water, I saw them,
As clear as the water is,
Broken twigs and yellowed leaves...
Mourning a thousand and more
And then the thought hit me,
A Canopy of forest?

They seemed to writhe in the watery grave
Portraying skewed features
amidst escaping water bubbles;
Churning out life even after death.

No longer had my thirst wanted the elixir of life
Looming itself into a metaphor
leaking across my thoughts.

Trees in mind, I drank the water
With increasing thirstiness,
All through the motion do I feel?
A pang of guilt and a drop of pain
Such a pleasure an Enigma.

Whose trees are those?
Which sly thought could wash them?
They seem to cry everywhere
in my mind, From where they come from...

Yes, life is cruel to them,
Yet thy smile reaches us profound,
Deep inside do they cry?
What thoughts could they instill?
In us to carry them forward,
For even eons after death,
They live in our dreams...

Realize them in slumber, aren't we?
And they burn with a hue,
Strong enough though to,
Warn a generation to come!

------Author: Shri

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

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