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Things to know about solar panels and their working

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Nature | Post Date: 2009-12-28

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Fossil fuels are not going to exist for ever. They will run out some day and this will cause the world to come to a standstill if not for some other type of energy. With the various fossil fuels causing carbon residue, it can also cause the There are various alternate energy sources that are being told to be the best. Solar energy is something that is very cheap as far as the resource is concerned. This is because the sun is free and the energy coming from the sun is also very easy to tap. The only thing that could be difficult is the process of getting the suns heat and light converted into electrical energy.

This mechanism is done by the solar panels. These panels have nothing but silicon and boron elements in them and they are aligned at a particular angle to the sun. This causes the boron and the silicon to be at a state where they can be easily disturbed from their existing state. When the rays of the sun fall on the solar panels at an angle at which the panels are kept, the silicon and the boron give out electrons from their own surface on the panels. This is because of the photon that is emitted from the rays of the sun. The photons hit the solar panels and try to get the electrons o bond with them.
The release of the electrons is similar to the working of a normal battery. The electron that is released from the boron and silicon get converted into the electrical energy that is captured and then supplied to various equipments as heat or electricity. The electricity that is got from one of the solar panels is very less. This is the reason for a lot of solar panels being put up and this generates considerable amount of energy that can be used for various household or industrial purposes.

The electrons that were released because of the photons, but were not converted into either electrical or heat energy return to the elements and then they are ready for the next phase of reaction when the photons hit the solar panels again. This reaction keeps going on for a long time till the sun's rays are present and this causes a lot of energy to be generated. This energy that is generated is very cheap because the sun's rays are got free. The cost of the solar panels can be very high, though because they have to be made with great care. This is because if the solar panels are not made with great care, the angle at which the panels are aimed at the suns light may not be able to start the reaction that releases the electrons to form the electrical energy.

The race for an alternate safe and efficient source of energy to the fossil fuels that are being used these days are on the rise. Solar energy is one of the best methods of replacing the use of the other kinds of energy.

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