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Things to do when one knows he is about to DIE | Dying from Cancer?

BY: Bharat | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-09-16

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The biggest truth that every living being has to face at some point in life is DEATH. wish we all could live forever but unfortunately death is a part of life too. For most of people death comes without a prior knowledge, but others may know that they are going to die in certain number of days, months or years. I am talking about people who have incurable cancer, AIDS or some other deadly disease and doctor tells that he/she is going to die in 1 year or so.

People who know that they are about to die really know the value of life and each passing day. Unlike us, they will never say "Life Sucks", because they are literally craving for a little more life.

Recently I met a family member who was diagnosed with Cancer and due to late diagnosis, there is no way he can survive. He has about 18 months to live. I had a long conversation with him, after which I realized how valuable our life is. In every day life we are running after momentary things like money, and fail to live our life in the best possible way. Instead of leading a stressful life, we all should live a peaceful and a more enjoying life even if we have less money.

Well, inspired by the relative who is dying of Cancer, I am writing some things to do if someone knows that he is about to die. Since a dying person is left with a short time, there are several things that should be done before the last moment arrives.

1. Have a Positive Attitude:
It's up to you to "look a glass Half Empty or Half Full". Even though the time and circumstances are not on your side, it is extremely important to have a positive attitude. Cheer up, and get maximum happiness out of your remaining days. If someone comes with condolence or sympathy, change the topic or crack a joke. Just do not get into a detailed discussion about your death or illness, that will anything but demotivate you in life.

2. Organize your paperwork:
There may be so many things in life which only you know about. Share the knowledge with your dependents and organize the finances in such a way that the transition is easy and without a dispute.

3. Make a will:
A Will can have several things, including how you want to distribute your assets to your family and friends.

4. Go on a vacation:
You have worked hard for all these years, before your condition deteriorates, take a nice trip, something that will not only lighten up your mood but also something you will remember for the rest of your life.

5. Help the needy:
Nothing gives more pleasure to help the needy. You can donate money for charitable causes, feed hungry, help disabled people and so many other good things. The satisfaction one gets after selfless help to others is incomparable.

6. Simplify your life:
Take life more easy, now I am not suggesting that you should quit your job immediately but stop stressing too much about it.

7. Things that pleasure you the most:
Hang out with your kids / grand kids, go for fishing or cruise. All those things that you were never able to do in past, well this is the time to get all that. When you die, you should have a smile on your face.

8. Give money for research:
My uncle has decided to give money for cancer research, since he is dying of cancer himself. He thinks that he should contribute towards finding a cure.

9. Take care of your medication:
It is important to follow your doctor's advice throughout, that's the least you can do for your body.

10. Thank people who have been important in your life:
Remember to thank people who have helped you in life. Invite them personally one by one to your house on a dinner and tell them how important they are for you.

Believe in God, and hope that there is a new life after death.

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