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Things to consider before you Commit Suicide

BY: Jessica | Category: Social Issues | Post Date: 2009-09-08

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So you have finally made up your mind to commit suicide. By now you must be thinking how to end your life so that you experience minimum pain. I am not here to advice you on methods of committing suicide. Here are the some important to consider before taking even a single step towards committing suicide:

1. Who will clean up your mess after you are gone:
We live in an intertwined society, we have friends, relatives, parents and probably kids. When a person dies he leaves a huge mess behind for others to deal with. This may include debts, unfulfilled obligations, responsibilities and even emotional attachments. Even though you might think that you can get away from all those by committing suicide. What happens later is not your concern. That's true, but who will fill the void once you are gone, there will be a lot of mess like police inquiries and judicial hearings which your dear ones will have to go through later on.

2. People will remember you .. right?
The only way people will remember you will be 'WHAT A COWARD'. Ending life is an easy way of ending pain and sufferings, but can you remember of a single person who committed suicide and is remembered in a positive way. Society laughs on cowards, kids hate parents who commit suicide and people who you owe money will likely curse you.

3. Your parents:
Regardless your parents are alive or not, their name will be associated with a son/daughter who ended his life disgracefully.

4. Try to rise again:
Do you know that Einstein failed hundreds of times before he became successful. Look around you, there will be tens of people who might be successful today but had failed initially. They have risen to the top by their hard work; you can do it too.

5. Have you been insulted or having a tough time:
Guys often commit suicide because of damaged pride, students commit suicide because they failed to get desired marks, lovers take their life because of a failed love life and girls often want to end life because of disgrace or an extremely restricted life. Did you know that Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) was a college dropout, US president's Barack Obama's childhood was very difficult and Gandhi was humiliated by Britishers a number of times. No one gave up, they tried again and again and succeeded.

6. Talk to a dying person the value of life:
Have a conversation with a person who is dying of cancer or other deadly disease, they will tell you how desperately they want to live. They will be able to inspire you and explain how foolish it is to end life with your own hands. Do not take impulsive decision, wait for a few days or weeks and trust me you will be happy for not taking your own life.

7. Everyone thinks about suicide .. hardly anyone does it:
You are not alone, more than half the people in the world at one time would have thought in their life about committing suicide, but they never did. We all go though bad phases in life, keep hanging around and fight back like a brave person, you will eventually win.

8. People try to commit suicide .. and fail:
A majority of people who try to commit suicide fail. They land up getting saved by others. Their life for survivors becomes even worse than before. Many people end up having with permanent disabilities for rest of their life.

If needed, take a break from work or your current surroundings. Cool your brain or take professional help of a psychiatrist. Most likely these are temporary thoughts which well go away. Suicide is a social crime.

Find a way to reduce your pain rather than taking your life.
- Call 1-800-SUICIDE in the U.S. or 1-800-273-TALK (8255)


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