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Things that make a Woman Sexy and Hot

BY: Jessica | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2009-09-22

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There is no doubt that attractive looks and a good body figure are the number one thing men try to find in every woman. Looks play an unbelievably important role among men to categorize a woman sexy or not. The sight of an attractive woman can actually be like a notice board in front of their eyes, with blinking text "Go and get that girl, NOW!". They can quickly measure the size of women boobs and buttocks in a split second, just by looking at them. In this article I will tell you some of the most important things which men look in a women to classify them as hot and sexy, or not.

1. Looks, Looks and Looks !!
As mentioned earlier, a great figure play an important role in getting attention of a man. Attractive women can leave men almost speechless. Almost 99% of the time a woman will be able to tell if a man is getting physically attracted by following her intuition. Men cannot hide their feelings too well, you can usually read their eyes and expressions and get your answer. Falling for hot and sexy women is deeply embedded in male genes. Additionally men love well toned boobs and buttocks. If you notice most successful and powerful men have beautiful wives. I would say that for women attractiveness is 50% looks and 50% character, but for men its 70% looks and 30% character. Women who are not so attractive often find it quite hard to get good looking men.

2. Hair Style:
Men love women hair and the way we style it. Although most men love longer hair but it all depends what suits you the most. They love your well cared shiny long nails, your make-up and all those things you get done in a beauty parlor. Wax/shave off those extra unwanted hair.

3. Cleavage:
Although I do not recommend women to use skin exposure as a technique to attract men, but it's true, women who reveal even the slightest of breast cleavage, classifies them as sexy women, desirable and very hot. Most men will try to glance at women's cleavage when no one is watching them.

4. All your accessories:
High heels, purse, branded watch, all those girly things help to categorize a women sexy from a man's perspective.

Do you know the biggest fear of men ? .. they hate complaining, mentally depressed and nagging women. Men cannot resist the charm of a warm smile and it plays a major role in making a woman sexy and desirable. Having a great 'Sense of Humor' is a great weapon in a woman's arsenal.

6. Short clothes:
Dresses like short skirts and tube tops expose enough skin, and men love that.

7. Men don't mind their praise:
When a woman thanks a guy or praises him for his looks, or even his electronic gadgets or car, men simply love that.

8. Hate commitment and responsibilities:
Men do not like commitments. They do not want to take responsibilities, therefore most of them prefer no-commitment and hassle free dating.

9. Women who have an attitude:
Men feel its hard to get a sexy women easily, they feel that most wanted women have an attitude. Therefore if you fall for a man easily, you just reduced some of your points. A bit of self confidence is also like a cherry on the icing.

10. Eye contact:
Men love eye contact while talking. A woman who does not maintain proper eye contact can quickly look uninterested and uncaring.

11. Perfume / Aroma:
A woman who smells or stinks can never be desirable or sexy. Men love female aroma, they do get turned on by these girly smells. Keep it light, wearing a very strong perfume can actually be bad for you.

There are several things that make a women sexy and hot in the eyes of a man. There are additional tips but they are either too 'mature content' for this article or beyond its scope. Your comments and ideas are appreciated.

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