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Things that make a Man Sexy and Hot.

BY: Jessica | Category: Men | Post Date: 2009-09-17

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A young man who has strong built, good looks and a dashing physique can practically impress any girl in the first look. For ages men have been selecting women based on their looks, curves, beauty and features; but today women have become equally demanding and deserving. A gorgeous female will likely not settle for an ordinary looking man, she will try her best to get a successful, hot and sexy man for her life. As mentioned earlier, good looks and a strong muscular built may be a good starting point to get attention of a girl, but "The buck does not stop there". In this article I will discuss several things that classifies a man sexy in the eyes of a girl.

1. A Good Muscular Physique:
A good muscular and well toned body makes almost any man sexy and desirable. Women actually go to great lengths to figure out how the man might look from inside. With the corner of their eye they may quickly measure a man's firm butt, strong arms and more. Now one does not need to have a the physique of a professional body builder, but something that suits his body and is definitely above average. Height also plays an important role in attracting a woman, but that is something one has no control. For ages, the evolution of species is based on the survival of the fittest, and females have been selecting the strongest male to mate. Attraction for a strong muscular body is a natural phenomena, therefore a man with a good built is the first step towards being classified as 'Sexy'. Additionally a woman would always want to show off other women that she is dating a strong-sexy man.

2. Hairstyle:
A well groomed-clean hairstyle is usually the best. The length and hairstyle should be maintained that it fits your face, style and height. I have seen all sort of freakish hairstyles among teenager boys, but once they grow up they quickly turn to normal hairstyles. Most women these days do not consider a man sexy if he has a Moustache, on the other hand a short beard or a moustache really goes well on some men. Although sexiness can be relative and subjective, a man needs to feel comfortable in his own looks first before presenting himself to anyone else.

3. Smile:
Nothing beats the charisma of a cute smile. A great smile can be a true Women Magnet. A natural smile works best but some men perfect their smile by practicing a little bit more in front of a mirror. Men should not deviate from their natural smile, but simply refine it. Good/White teeth play a vital role in making up a beautiful smile. Women have a great intuition, therefore your eyes and smile can actually say a lot of things about you, they can leave a deep and long lasting impression.

4. Dressing Sense:
A man should always dress according to the ambiance. Usually a man dressed slightly more formal than others ( or at least matching the rest) catches the eye of women in most cases. Women can quickly classify a man as gentleman or not simply based on his attire.

5. Brand and Style does matter:
Most women are fashion and brand freaks. They will quickly notice the brand of your watch, make of your car, model of your cellphone and sunglasses. Before a women knows a man too well, these hot gadgets play a major role in making a man sexy and desirable.

6. Good listener:
A man who carefully listens to a woman, her likes/dislikes and experiences is regarded as a Great Guy. Most men do not realize, but just by listening to a women you can score big time. A man who patiently listens is classified as desirable, sexy and understanding.

7. Eye contact:
Women love eye contact while talking. One does not have to stare like a statue, but a common communication etiquette and a proper eye contact is a must. A person who does not maintain proper eye contact can quickly look uninterested and uncaring.

8. Sense of Humor:
If you can make a girl laugh, she is yours. If you ask almost any girl to tell top 3 things she desires in a man, 'Sense of Humor' will always be on the list. Humor should only be used in moderation, forcing too much humor can even turn into Stupidity (if not used with care). Everyone has a different style of introducing humor in a conversation, stick to what makes you most comfortable.

9. Surprise:
Women love surprises. They expect a surprise on their birthday, anniversary or even without any occasion. You can sweep a girl off from her feet with pleasant surprises. She will classify you a 'Sexy and Hot Man' if you can trickle the feelings she always desired for.

10. Confidence:
Women cannot resist self-confidence of a man. A man who is assuring and has a good self-esteem can impress a woman like crazy. If a girl feels that a man is dependent and confident, she will likely overlook many other things that she may not necessarily like in that man.

11. Perfume / Aroma:
A man who smells or stinks can never be desirable or sexy. Accept it, women are clean freaks. They always put on perfume to make them more desirable. Putting on a very light men perfume or a good after shave lotion will be enough to penetrate her nostrils to her brain. Women love manly aroma, they do get turned on by these smells.

There are several additional traits that make a man sexy, like Sensitivity, Uniqueness and Charm. Almost every man has a hidden 'Sexy' side, all one needs to do is to awaken it and groom it to perfection.

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discussion about publication
actually you are publishing very effective articles so congrats
sushant chaudhary 2009-10-31
Makes man hot & sexy
Your article is not always true because men can not be kept in show case. It is a kind of dream. If you want a life partner, his looks not only be sexy but also sexy from inside, so that life is full 0f happiness. Inner beauty is more important than outer
Jashodhara Purkayastha 2009-10-22
Article on things that make a man hot and sexy
I like what you said about women becoming more demanding.We are always being judged even by guys who would benefit from extreme makeover.It is time they knew that with all the effort we put in looking sexy,we have raised our standards.Nice article!
christinejiji 2009-09-18
same article as you displayed it on the internet
i want to say that what ever you are writing it is not correct all the times exception are always their in your life so should think over it you can confirm this from me but your article is beutiful i appreciate it
sushant chaudhary 2009-09-18

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