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Theater Acting Tips (Based on my personal and workshop experiences)

BY: M A Silong | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-09-06

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   M A  Silong
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Theater is a wider range of acting than the ones in movies. It needs a much professional work and a lot of focus. But how do we really make our theater acting better?

As I said in one of my articles, theater can be a cold mistress at times that can leave you on the spotlight- not knowing what to do but stand on your own. We must be ready at times like this and adopt the scene if we lose our focus.
Here are a few tips on how to make your acting better.

Blocking is important. It depends on your blocking if the crowd can see what you are doing or not. It is not like in movies because you can act in movies as if you are in real life and free to have any kind of position you want. But in theater, you have to make sure that your blocking is right from head to foot.

Facial projection is helpful for the audience because it decides the scene's mood. If your facial projection is not clear, the audience will be confused. on what is happening.

A lot of focus is needed in the theater. It is not like in movies that if you have a mistake, the director will cut it and have another round. In theater, everything must be running in progress without mistake. And with this, you'll really need a lot of concentration. If you lose your focus, there will be a big possibility that you'll forget your script, forget what scene you are on and look so dumb on the spotlight!

Alibi is a great help in losing focus and forgetting your scrip. But you'll really need a fast working mind in order to deal with this. If you forget what you are going to say, you can say something different but still related to the scene you are on.

Facial exercise can be a great help at times. Before starting the play, you can have a facial exercise in order to stretch the muscles on your face and you won't be having a hard time for your facial projections later on.

Stretch your body first before entering a play. This can help you move easily later on especially for complicated scenes.

Following these tips and mixing these together with yours can really make you a better theater artist. We just need a lot of confidence and trust in ourselves . . . Believe me. I've done it before.

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About Author / Additional Info: I began theater acting when I was 12. I am still a theater actress right now and I've leaded a lot of plays. I got so many experiences about theater acting that makes me want to be a professional theater actress someday. Ha ha! Anyway, e-mail me at meleaagatha.silong@yahoo.com Thank you!

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Theatre practice
The points mentioned are true for every act in life. During rehearsal for a play .... voic emodulation and expression is important. It is practiced by repeating dialogue:- 1) Slowly in broken expressive words. 2) Fast like Tongue-twisters. 3) Normal with full feeling. 4) Saying the dialogue as you keep running .... as breath is important. We can`t speak as we breath-in/inhale. Anger make it even more incoherent/stammering.
MONI 2010-01-26

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