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The various aspects that hinder a writer from writing

BY: JoJustin | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2010-02-15

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A writer is a person who has a lot of deadlines to meet. The person also needs a lot of peace, quiet and tranquility to be able to write a lot and also to do it without any hindrance. This is not always possible. There are many jobs that the person has to do especially if the person is writing as a hobby. This causes the person to be hindered by a lot of things in their writing.

The various factors that cause a person to be hindered while writing include the following.

1. Family:

The family of the person is the first and primary reason for the hindrance to the person who is writing. A person who is writing may be disturbed by the members of the family. There are many kinds of families. Some of the families are very demanding on the time of the person who is writing. This causes the person not to be able to concentrate equally on the family and also on the writing.

2. Work:

The work of the person can also be a hindrance to the writing that a person is doing. Many times, the writer is a person who works as a part time writer. This is because of the decreased work and money that the person can get when the person is working as a full time writer. There are many writers who are trying to write as a part timer. This makes the work of the individual who writes to act as a hindrance to thee writing.

3. Lack of infrastructure:

There are many times when the lack of infrastructure can act as a hindrance to the person who is writing. In the decades that went by, people used to write either as a manu script or even type the words on the type writer. These days, the computer is being used for all the writing needs of the individual. When there is a lack of infrastructure, then this can cause the person to not be able to write.

4. City life:

For some writers, city life can be a hindrance for their writing ability. The reason for this can be that the person may not be able to concentrate on their writing because of the various activities that have to be done when a person lives in a city. City life has a lot of pressures on the person and this is one cause for the lack of ability to write while living in a city. Another reason for the inability for the person to write while living in a city is because of the lack of peace in the city. The hustle bustle and the noise in the city causes the person not to be able to concentrate on the writing work

These are the various factors that cause the person to be not able to write. There are many more factors that can also hinder a writer. These hindering things can be modified in some respects, but there are certain factors that cannot be modified.

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