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The step by step process of selecting an employee for a job

BY: JoJustin | Category: Social Issues | Post Date: 2010-02-23

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A person needs to be selected for the post of a particular organization after a lot of scrutiny. There are various factors that are involved in the whole process of selection of an employee for the job. This article lists the step by step process of selecting an employee for a job.

The process of assessing candidates and appointing a post holder is as follows:

1. Applicants short listed -

The most suitable candidates are selected in this phase. The various applicants are present and these applications are all looked at and then the right person is selected depending on the need. There are times when more than one candidate may be needed and so the candidates who are fitting the criteria are all selected. This is only the initial screening process where the applications are short listed and then the next phase starts.

2. Selection process -

The actual selection process varies according to organization. There may be some where the selection process is very simple and all the person is asked is a few questions relevant to the job done. There are other places where the selection process is very detailed and varied. It can involve various phases of selection and they are all listed below.

3. Interview -

The interview is the most common method and it is also the most popular method of selecting a person for the work in the company or the organization. This consists of a panel of senior people of the company who interview the candidates and select them based on the answers and also their behavior. Many organizations also put the candidates through various other processes.

4. Psychometric testing -

This is the method of assessing the personality of the applicants and learning if they will fit in. This is a specific test and the best candidate can be selected using this method.

5. Aptitude testing -

This is the method of assessing the skills of the applicant. This is very important method of assessing the actual work and the ability of the person. This is another common method of testing the candidates on the work ethics and also various other aspects of their work.

6. In-tray exercise -

All these are the activity based around what the applicant will be doing, e.g. writing a letter to a disgruntled customer or other such activities. This will help the company to know the actual skills that the person needs and if the skills are present.

7. Presentation -

This is also part of the selection process in most companies where the management is looking for different skills as well as the ideas of the candidate. If the candidate is the right person, then the skills will be appreciated as the person will rightly fit into the companies work.

All these are the methods of selecting the right person for the right job. Some companies go through the whole process of selecting the right candidate, but there are other companies that do not go through the whole process, but only the relevant selection aspects are used.

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