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The role of Twitter in Expanding and Improving Businesses:

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2010-02-06

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Twitter is one of the most important social networks. Twitter is developing on such a fast pace that many people are using this to network either for personal benefit or for the betterment of their business. There are certain specific methods that are used by people who are into various businesses to improve sales of their products. Among all the social networks present like Face book, Orkut, Hi5 and others, Twitter is the one that is developing most rapidly.

Membership in Twitter:

Any person can become a member of twitter and it is easy to register. This has made a lot of people to register themselves on this networking site. Instant access to millions of people around the world through messages called tweets has made communication and making friends to become simple and easy. The free membership offered by the network has also played a role in the large scale development of this site. Many webmasters use this as a platform for their success.


The messages that can be posted in the internet through the Twitter network are called as tweets. There are thousands of tweets that are generated each second. This rapid and mass communication has been to the benefit of people who do various kinds of business on the internet. Another important advantage and benefit of tweets is the fact that these tweets can have a link that can be used as a tool to increase traffic to the site used by a business. Many web sites have increased traffic because the web masters use the tweets with links to promote their site. The increased traffic leads to increased sales of products or popularity of the site. This leads to increased profitability for the web masters.

Business and Twitter:

There are many businesses that use the role of twitter and its popularity to increase their chances of increasing profits. The single most common group of people who use this method of improving their business are internet marketers and affiliate marketers. They have the need for many people to visit the site of niche products s that the sales may improve. This is easily possible with the tweets with links on twitter. The first step that has to be done is that the web master starts following many people who are interested in the niche. Once they follow more people and many are following them on the network, the use of content and tweets along with a link helps to kindle the curiosity of the people on the network.

The next thing that happens is a flood of traffic to the site that was popularised with the tweets. The increased traffic is all targeted because these people are the ones who were interested in the niche. This targeted traffic will surely make a positive impact on the sales of products on the site.

Many webmasters are using this networking site for their benefit with phenomenal success. Increased profits and traffic are the results of the se of twitter for their business development.

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