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The problem of environmental pollution

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Nature | Post Date: 2009-08-02

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   Muhammed Haris
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Environment pollution has been a major problem affecting the health of millions of human beings, animals and plants on our planet earth. The earth is becoming a slum or as a universal dust bin. Air pollution, Water pollution, Noise pollution, Land pollution etc. are constantly harming the living conditions on earth. Each an every individual is responsible for polluting the environment in some form or the other.

The most common causes of environment pollution are:-

1. The increasing number of vehicles, cause pollution of air. The carbon monoxide produced by the vehicles reduces the quantity of oxygen in the environment. There are no strict measures taken for testing the smoke of vehicles due to which serious health problems have been developing.

2. The wastages of factories are being dumped into the rivers. Factory owners are least bothered about the environment, they just concentrate on earning maximum profit, by disposing the wastages in an easiest way. A large number of animals die by drinking this contaminated water.

3. Some of the drainage pipes of the cities are also joined to the rivers and to drinking water sources. This also causes health problems to the people.

4. The excess usage of public announcement systems creates noise pollution. It can be very displeasing to the ears.

5. Usage of chemicals like CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) damages the ozone layer. The damage to the ozone results in the increase in cancer symptoms, because of ultra-violet rays reaching the environment of the earth. CFC has been widely produced by the refrigerators, and so ozone is being damaged continuously. In future it may damage the entire ozone and we may reach into a situation where the human being cannot survive on the earth.

6. The smokes from the factories which are the bio-products of chemicals are also causing environment pollution. It reduces the quantity of fresh oxygen in the environment and it causes health problems to the people.

If serious measures are not taken towards solving the problem of environment pollution, then few centuries from now, earth may not remain livable at all. The senior officials of all the countries must take this very seriously and should come up with programs to reduce all forms of pollution. Cutting down of trees and growing of more trees in return is also very important in order to strike a balance. Trees, animals and human beings are all linked together, if even one of them is disturbed, then the whole system gets effected.

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