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The most common reasons for divorce

BY: Deena David | Category: Social Issues | Post Date: 2009-09-29

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   Deena David
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Divorce has become a common feature in many countries. The rate of divorce has been increasing in communities where divorce was unheard of. There are many reasons for the increase in the number of people who are divorcing around the world. The most common reason is intolerance. People are not abler to adjust with each other.

People find fault with the behavior of the spouse and always think that they are right. This is another reason for marriages break-ups. When there is love and understanding in the marriage, the number of divorces will surely come down. People need to be more tolerant.

There are many other reasons for divorces and marriage breakups. They are listed below

1. Affairs:

This is possibly the top reason for divorce around the world. It is usually the men who are to blame. There are women who also indulge in affairs and the marriage is sure to end in divorce unless the spouse forgives the person who has had an affair. In some marriages, both the people have affairs and they live together for reasons beyond comprehension.

2. Sickness:
Chronic sickness can sometimes lead to divorce. This is true especially if the person is sick early in a marriage. The older the person is, the more mature they are and try to take good care of the spouse who is sick. Many people whop get sick early in married life are abandoned by their spouse as they are not able to cope with a life full of responsibilities.

3. Children:
Many times, children become the reason for divorces in their family. In families where children are not born, but the parents are very keen to have children, then the marriage can end in divorce if they are not able to have children. Sometimes when the couples do not want to have children, but a child is born, then they may divorce too. These are not very common occurrences.

4. Money or lack of it:
Usually the lack of money can be a reason for divorce. Related to this reason is the loss of jobs. These days when the world is into recession, there has been an increase in the number of divorces. This is because the couples are not able to live their life at peace because they are not able to earn enough for themselves and also their children. They are not able to live their life like they used to. These are some of the reasons for divorce.

There are also other reasons for divorce. These are constant nagging by one of the partners that anger the other person. This can lead to unnecessary but frequent quarrels and fights. This can be a reason for divorce.

Many couples who have been living in very distant places and do not share a close bond may start slowly drifting away and their marriage may end in divorce. They do not contact each other and slowly learn that they are able to live without their spouse. This makes them split and go their way.

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Other reasons for Divorce.
Lack of commitment in marriage, Infidelity, Alcohol Addiction, Physical and Emotional Abuse, EGO, Interference from in-laws, religious beliefs. lifestyle, Mental Illness and Differences in career goals. All these can also result in a divorce.
Vidya 2009-09-29

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