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The many advantages of Conference Calling

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2010-01-13

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Conference calling is an efficient technique recognized for online collaborations. It also has the great potential to be used as a sales tool which is usually overlooked. A web conference calling is also termed as teleconferencing and it has many uses and benefits but first of all you should know how it works.

Customers are given unique toll free number by providers. The given number is then dialed in by the conference call participants. You can easily carry out the conference as the host will simply call the toll Number.

Uses of conference calls:

Conference call is mainly used for conducting education sessions, continuing training seminars, press conferences and for the coordination of meetings. Meetings include board meetings, operational meetings as well as investor relation meetings. Various sales presentations for providing potential retailers and affiliating with information on new services and products are also performed. You can also use conference call for conducting live or online auction. In this way sharing of real-time data is enabled by conference call. These calls are very easy to use and there is no need of any special hardware for interfacing.

Advantage of conference calls:

The main advantage of cheap conference call is that the reservations are not needed to join the conference. Without making any prior reservations, the client can any time call the conference. Second advantage is call management system which is specifically provided by conference call. This additional feature comes with your package and you can check it with your provider. By using call management system you will have smooth flow of conference all the time. Live operators are also provided upon request by conference calls and you have to pay some additional cost for the service. The most cost-effective solution will be surely provided to you. Some providers use automated system in place of live operators which greatly cut down your cost.

Equipment needed for conference calls:

You don't need any extra tools to set up conferencing and it is very easy as no additional equipments are required. A simple telephone system will just work for you. Getting two or more people together is the common use of conference calls it can get even better by using about tools. You can connect and converse hundreds of people at any time. You may think that call conferencing is only for business use but it's not the case. It can be also useful for medical consultations or staff meetings of small organizations. Start-up companies are also benefited from teleconferencing. The touch of professionalism is given to your company and you don't need to shell out a big fortune.


While drawing conclusion we can say that conference calls are good for you as the cost-effective solutions are provided according to your need. They are affordable and they also have technical advantage. You can create seamless communication with the help of this technical advantage without spending huge sums of money. It can also help the person to be successful in business with the use of this technology.

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