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The increased use of Gold Jewelery and Precious Body Jewels

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-09-21

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   Muhammed Haris
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Because of the dowry system, the extent of jewelry worn is increasing in all classes of the society. There is a tradition in many rich families that the bride is made to wear as many jewels as possible and they check whether she can walk with those jewels or not.

For the girls wearing jewels have been a matter of dignity. In the social functions, the one who wears the maximum jewels is being honored most. Along with gold, there is much competition in buying and wearing diamond jewelry as well. In the high class societies, people have good knowledge about the brands of diamonds and its prices, so they easily track and measure the worth of the body jewels that somebody wears.

There are many robberies and theft happening due to excessive demand of jewelry. But none of these could bring down the fashion and passion of wearing expensive jewelry. For the sake of stealing jewelry, there are people who do not even hesitate to commit a murder. The chemistry of jewels being worn by ladies does not make sense in terms of their ability to safeguard those jewels. The logic behind girls wearing jewelry could be, in human beings girls are more smart and beautiful than boys and it is expected that girls should be attracting their spouse.

Necklace, ear ring, belt, anklet, bangles etc are the main jewels being worn. Some people have the culture of wearing the ear rings throughout the ears by making as many holes as possible. There are many people who wear the bangles till their elbow. I think these girls are the reason to bring up the gold prices like how we have the bulls in the stock market to bring up the stock prices.

There are some coins which are used for making body jewels. Few coins have more market value than its face value. A twenty paisa coin which was prevailing in Indian Market was being sold for fifteen rupees, to prepare the necklace and ring out of it. Later the coin had been withdrawn.

South Africa is a country where the highest quantity of gold has been mined. Even in mining of diamonds South Africa is on top. But as whole in the world, many gold mining businesses are shutting down because of scarcity of raw gold available in the mines. But there are many researches going on to find more and more gold resources to do the mining. Trends like these result in the booming and falling of gold rate. So, rich people who have a good collection of jewels sell their jewelry to earn more out of it.

There are many scams happening about the quality of gold. Many people just give the quote out of gold to some other metals and sell it as gold. It is a tradition of people to check the purity of gold by dragging it on a painted wall. But it is not a reliable testing. On any doubts it is always advisable to get it checked by the goldsmiths.

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