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The concept of the life after death | What does Islam say?

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2009-07-21

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   Muhammed Haris
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The concept of the life after death is different from religion to religion, but all religions and faiths teach about this concept in one way or the other. One may either go in hell or heaven, or just reincarnate based on his sins or good deeds. Let me brief about the teachings of Islam and it's view about the life after death.

Per Islam, the life on the earth is a kind of examination deciding the permanent life thereafter. Islam says, if God could create us with nothing, he can surely create us again. He is definitely capable of giving permanent after life to all living beings. Depending on all the good deeds and bad deeds a person does in this world, he/she will put in the heaven or the hell.

One may wonder, why doesn't God give us the heavenly life directly? Why is the need of this struggling temporary life? The answer for it per Islam is, "God want to judge each individual. Who all are honest, helping, dedicated, believing and understanding and who are not. Who all believe in the existence of God and understand the true purpose of life. God wants to reward or punish individuals based on it."

Although God has not made it very clear about his own existence. We do not see him or hear from him directly. But, it is not at all difficult for God, to convince every human being that he (God) exists and he is simply judging us and that is the purpose of our life. God wants people to understand themself by analysis the things that surround him in this world; that is why he has sent the prophets. People who have seen prophets believed in God simply by looking at their miracles. But for the followers of the prophet (who has not seen the prophet), have to judge themselves by studying the books of religion and by analyzing the truths in life.

The Quran is believed to be the writings of Prophet Mohammed, by many critics. But the fact is, Prophet Mohammed was an illiterate person. If one reads Quran, he would definitely agree with the fact that Quran which came fifteen centuries ago is mentioning the scientific truths which have been discovered and proved by, modern science in twentieth century. There is no opinion difference about the fact that, fifteen centuries ago nobody in the world knew it. So, the analysis of the facts like this makes one to agree and accept the holy books as the words of God and makes him or her to follow it.

For the people who are denying the belief of life after death. Let me as a question. "In case if you happen to realize immediately after the death, that there is a permanent life after death and you will be put into heaven or hell just based on your beliefs and dedication to the words of God, what would you do? Please post your answers in comments.

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GOD and Life After death
GOD (good, positive) has created a Program for the Soul to take birth again as per his `Karma` (deeds), in this same world where one`s State (condition) is called Heaven or Hell. Does Quran talk of another World??
Swapan PURKAYASTHA 2009-10-23
Dear Muhammed, I just wanted to correct one thing. You said that all religions have a concept of an afterlife where one is punished or rewarded on the basis of their sin and good works. This is mostly true. Only Christianity holds to the idea of grace, that God freely gives the gift of forgiveness that we all need because none of us is good enough. We are all sinners and cannot have peace with God except through his free gift of grace.
David Stone 2009-10-16

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