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The common signs that may predict the presence of Cancer

BY: Deena David | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2009-09-28

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   Deena David
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Cancer is one of the most common diseases that can cause a feeling of intense insecurity in a person. It can make a person feel depressed even when cancer is being suspected. Many people even before a positive diagnosis get depressed. If the diagnosis is positive many people even get suicidal. Only a very few people face the disease with a positive mind.

There are many treatment possibilities that are present for those affected by cancer. In fact many of the cancers are easily treatable. Only a few types of cancers are highly malignant and can be fatal. Most of the cancers if identified early and treated properly, can be cured completely.

There are many simple methods of identifying cancer easily. Some of the most common and simplest methods of identifying cancers are listed in this article. These common signs that predict the presence of cancer are:

1. Sores that do not heal:
This is one of the most common methods of identifying a cancer. There can be many tissues that have wounds or sores externally that can also have discharge from the wound or sores. The presence of these sores can be a positive method of identifying cancer. Diagnosis can be done if cancer is suspected by a biopsy that confirms the presence of cancer.

2. Cough:
Cough is usually a sign of some problem in the lung. Cough that does not decrease, especially in a person who either smokes or is a passive smoker can be a early sign that cancer is present. If there is associated blood that is present in the sputum that is brought out, then it means that the person is suffering from very serious respiratory problems which can be cancer.

3. Lumps:
Many cancers are a growth of abnormal tissues. These tissues can be usually cancerous. Lumps are the main identification method to know if breast cancer is present. All women are told to check their breasts for any lumps that can sometime be a sign of cancer.

4. Bleeding:
Any abnormal bleeding from any wound or from any of the orifices in the body can be a sign of the presence of cancer. Those who have bleeding that is abnormal should immediately consult a physician to get a routine check up to rule out the presence of any tumors.

5. Moles:
Any presence of moles that are changing in the shape, size and color can mean that the person has some form of skin cancer. Moles that change are a common sign that can be confirmed by a skin biopsy. People who have moles have to keep watching them for any changes that may occur anytime. Most of the moles may not mean anything, though a few moles may case cancerous changes.

It should be understood that even if a person has any of the signs mentioned above, it may mean nothing. Positive diagnosis of cancer can be done only by biopsy. Even after a biopsy is done, only malignant cancers are dangerous. Even they are treatable with radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Many of the tumors can be benign and they do not spread. Removing these benign tumors can make the person free of any problems and worry.

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About Author / Additional Info: I have completed my Masters Degree in Paediatric Nursing. I am a writer with a passion for writing. I have been writing for some blogs and other sites. Comments are welcome at the following e mail address: deenaanddavid@gmail.com

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