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The causes of demotivation and their remedies

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Social Issues | Post Date: 2010-02-08

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   David Prakash Kumar
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There are various causes that make a person to be demotivated. All people should know these causes so that when they face such problems in their own life, they know that they have to overcome the problem with as much confidence as possible to avoid becoming demotivated. This article also lists the various signs of demotivation that should be identified. This will help in encouraging a person who is demotivated.

The causes of demotivation:

Lack of goals in life:

A person who has no goals in life has the highest chance of becoming demotivated. This is because the person who has no goals has nothing to live for. At the same time the person also has noting to look forward to. All this makes the person to become demotivated in life. This is in fact said to be the primary cause of demotivation.

Living conditions:

If the living conditions of a person are very poor due to various reasons, then this too can cause the person to have demotivation. This is especially true if the person continues to have appalling living conditions in spite of the various attempts by the person to try to modify that and have a better life.

Financial situation:

A person may try to overcome their financial situation, but when the person is not able to overcome the situation, they try to settle down into a routine and get on with a demotivated life. This should be avoided and instead the person should have tried to overcome the situation with proactive methods. Poor finances and financial condition is one of the most common reasons for the person to have a demotivated life.

Remedy for demotivation:

A person who is not motivated in life should make sure that they do not live like that for a long time. Even if a demotivated person is not able to identify the fact that they are demotivated, the persons who are around the demotivated person should identify the demotivation and take appropriate steps. There are various remedies for the demotivation and they are as follows:

1. Goal setting:

The person should be motivated to have a goal in their life and this goal will make them to work towards it and so they will not be demotivated to a large extent. This is one remedy for a person who is demotivated.

2. Better living conditions:

A person who has been demotivated because of the living conditions should be made to get better living conditions. This is possible through the work of various non governmental agencies. Good food and a proper shelter itself will help to change the lifestyle of the person and the person's outlook on life.

3. Better financial situation:

This is one of the most difficult things to change in the life of a person. This can change usually only if the person suddenly gets a change in occupation or if the economy of the whole place or country changes. If the person learns to live within their means, then this too could be a remedy for the demotivation.

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