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The World's Most Unique Cigar - Cutting and Smoking a Toscano Cigar

BY: MichaelHines | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-11-23

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How to Cut a Toscano

The Toscano is a very versatile cigar in the sense that you can cut it in a variety of different ways to suit any situation no matter the social environment, time constraint or personal preference.

The standard Toscano size is approximately 6 ½ inches which gives you plenty of length to make the cuts that you want/need. No matter how you decide to cut your cigar, there is an important first step that you should perform. After removing the cigar from its package, cut both ends by approximately 1/16 of an inch. This allows for an increased flow throughout the cigar making it easier and more pleasurable to smoke. Just to note, Toscanellos do not need to be cut.

There are two ways to cut the Toscano: Intero and Ammezzato. Intero (which, in Italian, means ‘whole') is when you smoke the entire cigar. Ammezzato (which means ‘halved') is when you cut the Toscano directly in the middle giving you two short cigars to smoke. There are benefits for smoking the cigars in either form, but here's an illustration of each method:


The Toscano cigar has a very unique shape in that both the smoking and lighting ends are extremely narrow while the middle is the thickest part of the cigar. This shape creates a one-of-a-kind smoking experience that can only be had with a Toscano cigar.

When you first light the Toscano, the lighting end is fairly narrow which gives the cigar a slow burn with mild intensity. As the cigar burns, the increasing thickness of the cigar causes the lighting end to open up. This creates an ever-increasing intensity while also speeding up the burn-rate. As the cigar burns down past the middle, the lighting end begins to narrow. This allows the Toscano to have a nice, slow and pleasant finish.


While smoking a Toscano in the Ammezzato style gives you the option of smoking a Toscano as two smaller cigars, it also changes the dynamic of the cigar itself. Rather than starting off with a very mild intensity, smoking a Toscano in the Ammezzato style provides and immediate intense smoking experience. The burn rate for an Ammezzato Toscano is a lot faster than the Intero style as well. It has been described before as a very -John Wayne- method of smoking a Toscano.

Suggestions for Smoking

Now that you have cut the Toscano in whatever fashion you prefer, it is now time to smoke and enjoy it! Before you even begin, make sure that you have either a direct gas flame lighter or a non-sulfur tipped match because anything else could possible taint the taste of the Toscano.

When smoking, it is optimal to pair your cigar with a drink that compliments the cigar you have chosen. If your drink of choice is a type of hard liquor, than I suggest a nice whiskey. This pairing really brings out the best of both the Toscano and the drink. With a beer, a hoppier-type of IPA is often a good bet. A nice Bass Ale is fantastic, especially paired with a cigar such as the Antica Riserva.

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About Author / Additional Info: Michael Hines is the founder and CEO of Multiverse Commerce and www.ItalianSmokes.com

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