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The Various Symptoms of Exam Stress seen in Children

BY: SEdwin | Category: Education | Post Date: 2010-02-24

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Children find exams to be a period of intense and extreme stress. There are a lot of children who write exams as part of their school or college curriculum each day. All these different subjects and the intense competition cause the person to have a lot of stress. There are various symptoms seen in these children that can help one to identify the presence or absence of stress in them. These signs of the presence of stress are as follows.

1. Lack of concentration:

The child who is greatly stressed because of the exam will be having very less concentration. The reason for the lack of concentration is that since there is a lot of stress, the fear that is associated with the exams makes the child to only think of the exams and also the failure in the exam and its consequences. All these cause the child to have a lack of concentration.

2. Sudden mental blockade:

The child who is in a grip of stress because of the fear of the exam can also have a sudden mental blockade. This can cause the child not to remember anything. This can occur during the exam or before the exam. The mind becomes blank and the child seems to have forgotten everything. This is another symptom of stress.

3. Correlating information becomes difficult:

As the child has an increased stress before the exam, it causes the child to have a change in the process of the mind. These changes in the mind processes cause the child to be unable to correlate various information. This makes it very difficult to face the exam and complete it. The child should be able to correlate the various aspects of thee subjects to be able to complete the exams successfully.

4. Negative thoughts:

The child who is under a lot of stress also has a lot of negative thoughts during the exam and even before the exam. The negative thoughts can revolve around failure in the exam, the consequences of failure in the exam and various other facts that the person can face. These negative thoughts are a very important aspect of stress due to the exam.

5. Low self esteem:

The stress also makes the child to feel worthless. The lack of self esteem is due to the fear of failure again. The child may feel that there are many people who are about to excel in the exam. Even children who have prepared well for their exams may feel a sudden bout of fear and associated stress. This should be tackled immediately as the low self esteem of the child can lead to various other problems.

6. Physical symptoms:

There are many children who are under a lot of stress and these include the following like headache, abdominal pain, increased sweating, nausea, increased pulse rate and also tension in the muscles that is more than normal.
These are the various manifestations of stress that is seen in children. If any of these are identified, then immediate steps need to be taken to prevent the child from having more stress. Counseling will help the child to cope and face the exam better.

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