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The Various Reasons for the Exams Causing Stress in Children

BY: SEdwin | Category: Education | Post Date: 2010-02-24

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Exams are usually a period of increased stress in the children. The stress can manifest in various physical and mental changes in the child. The child can have a lot of fear that is associated with the exam. The stress can be identified because of the presence of various signs and symptoms that include negative thoughts, low self esteem, irritability, decreased ability to sleep and various other signs.

The stress is usually caused by a few factors and these should be controlled in the children to make sure that the person has decreased stress. The various reasons for the stress in children due to the exams are as given below.

1. The student's thoughts:

The student may view the exam as a hurdle and this can cause stress in the child. There are some students who view the exam as a chance to show their talent and this cause the student to excel in the exam. This makes one to understand that the perspective of the student of the exam itself is a very important reason for the exam to cause stress.

2. Lack of self confidence:

Self confidence is an important factor in making the child to be able to pass the exam and also be successful in the exam. There are many people who are confident of writing the exam and clearing it even if they know only little. There are many other children who lack self confidence even if they have prepared well for the exam. This is the main cause of the stress.

3. The fear of performance:

There are many children who are having the fear of performance that is another major reason for their stress and fear. The fact that they have a lot of their parents and other people's hopes to excel causes them to have a lot of stress. This can be reduced by the parents by giving counseling. The parents should also try to make sure that their children are relaxed and have no undue stress on themselves.

4. Competition:

The competition that is present between the child and other children can also be a cause of the stress that the child has. There are many children who are extremely stressed because of the competition either between themselves and other individual or the stress can be because of the competition in the general aspect of the exam.

5. Equating success with complete success:

There are some kids who are average and for them, just being average is success. There are other kids who are very good in their averages and grades. For these kids, the success means that they are the best in the whole town. This change in the level of the student's perception of success in the exam can be another reason for the stress that occurs before the exam.

These are some of the most important reason for the stress that a child has before the exam. There are various other reasons too and these could be even that the child is not well prepared for the exam due to sickness and this too can cause more stress. The people who have to be aware of the stress in children are the parents and the teachers and they should try to reduce stress and make the child perform better in the exam by focusing on the exam.

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