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The Various Effects of Stress on People

BY: JoJustin | Category: Social Issues | Post Date: 2010-02-18

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There are certain signs that can be used to identify the presence or absence of stress in people. Those who do not suffer from any kind of stress are those who are happy and are able to cope with any problem. They have good sleep and are able to lead a healthy life. The person who is affected from stress on the other hand can be affected by various problems. There are certain methods that can be used to identify if a person is having or suffering from stress.

The various effects of stress on people are as follows:

1. Irritated:

The person who is highly stressed is usually irritated. The person may get irritated at other people in the family or in the place of work. The person may also be irritated at even small things that can stimulate and make the person get into a rage. This irritation is one of the signs of stress. There are some people who are regularly irritated. This means that they are either stressed always and may have increased blood pressure or they have been like that from childhood.

2. Not able to relax and concentrate:

A person who is affected because of stress is usually not able to relax and also concentrate. The reason for this is that the person is so stressed that the mind does not relax at all. The person is not able to concentrate on any activity because of the increase in stress. The person actually does not concentrate on their work and also on their family. The lack of concentration is one of the main reasons for the depression that occurs because of the increased stress.

3. Tired, depressed and anxious:

The person who is stressed out will also become tired, depressed and also anxious. When a person gets tired, it can be the sign of overwork. Depression when it is not associated with any other reasons, then it too is a sign that the person is depressed. Anxiety is another sign of stress in the job or at home.

4. Sleeping difficulties:

A person who is highly stressed will also have a lot of sleeping difficulty. The reason for this is that stress is associated with anxiety and also depression. Along with this, the person also has a lot of mental disturbances because anxiety and depression occur because over activity of the brain. All these together cause abnormal sleep patterns and sleeplessness in the person.

5. Suffer from various diseases:

The person who is having a lot of stress can also start getting various diseases that seem to have no cause at all. These diseases can include those like ulcers in the stomach that have been said to be caused by increased stress. In fact, these ulcers are all called as stress ulcers. Other than the ulcers, the person can also get some serious diseases like cardiac problems and also many other conditions.

These are the various signs that are used to identify stress in a person. The person should take immediate preventive measures to make sure that they do not have any further damage to their mind and body.

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