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The Truth and Complexity of Our Lives

BY: Mali Hakak | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-10-29

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   Mali Hakak
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The light and darkness of life imposed on us lead to an adventurous journey; the complexity of which we may not understand but ought to firmly pursue its path or the stern life will assail us all.

There comes a time when we regretfully see the pleasure and innocence of youth have forever gone,
A time when we see our hair as white as rows of clouds, and face expressionless as an object,
A time when we see our youthful laughter were transitory and valueless,
A time when we see the yearning and unfamiliar sensation that so beautifully embellished and stirred up our courage and confidence have faded away,
A time when we see the image of our life resembling a flower-bearing plant that never blossoms to satisfaction,
A time when we see realities wildly unreal!

In dismay, we hold onto the warmth of the sun and the excitement of the daylight, only to find them both disappearing by the approach of the night.

Battling the surge of somberness, we go round the globe restlessly yet curiously in pursuit of something meaningful, perhaps, a sense of new hope to guard us from disappointment and uphold our dignity, only to suffer fatigue and anguish.

Smoothing out the chocking desolateness, we wonder if we could have lived our lives differently, helplessly longing to go back and live a dreamlike life muffled in prosperity.

With no touch of reality within reach and a heart heavy with sturdy emotions, we shrug confusedly, acknowledge our insignificance, and somehow accept our place in the world. A world that used to favor us with its softer side and loving glow. But now only remotely does it express its declaration of love for us!

To sum up:

Even though the details of our lives vary, the end result is always the same.


Life is a complex journey, if we do not attack it, it will attack us.
Time is not always money like it has been said. Time is wisdom.
Live and learn - in other words, do not dwell on the past mistakes, bearing in mind that sooner or later new future challenges will require our attention.
Always be content with what we have rather than express sorrow for what we do not have.

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Life is complex
.. at least mine is, and most of the we are solely responsible for making it that way. Mostly because we are running after money and fame.
Jay 2009-10-29

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