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The Summary of My Life | Hardships and Achievements in my life.

BY: M A Silong | Category: Family | Post Date: 2009-09-07

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   M A  Silong
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Here is a summary of my life. Here, you can witness my obstacles, hardships, achievements and my goals to live life to the fullest.

Some don't notice that I have a very bad pasts and experiences. Behind my sweet smile and sparkling eyes was sadness hidden that I did not want anybody to notice. But this time, I might spill it all.

It all started six years ago when I was seven years old. It was the time when my parents separated. The other side of me tells me that it is a good thing so my mom won't suffer anymore if she is not happy with dad. But my other side bitterly cries for I never wished to have a broken family. After their separation, my dad is still abroad while me and my brother lived with our mom.

A year later, my mom decided for us to live with our grandparents while she stays in the city. All of us thought this would be a brilliant idea so everyone was so excited moving in my grandparents' house. But then, after several months of our stay there, the wind has changed. I and my brother became battered grandchildren. Our grandfather hit us all the time without our knowledge why he's always doing that. Everyday, I and my brother had marks on our skins and bruises. In the first few months whenever my mom would visit, we never told her about what's truly happening because whenever our mom will visit, our grandfather will so kind as if he'll never hit us even once. This hitting and beating continued for over a year. Until the time that I and my brother can't help it anymore but to tell you mom all of it. Our mom and grandfather immediately had a fight. After the fight, our mom packed all of our things and left the house. She brought us in her apartment in the city.

Everything went better after a year. We went to school located on the city and lived with our mom. But then, there is this another obstacle that is testing my faith. Our mom had different partners which made me hard to adjust. Of course I still want our father to be the matured male in our house. But when that thing happened, it made me cry every night and I felt like I am already a burden to my family. But thank God after a year, I was able to adjust.

A year later, my mom and my grandfather forgave each other. Our grandfather promised that he'll never do such a thing again on us. Again, we all thought that he'd really not do it again. But then again after several months, he started hitting and beating us, leaving us again with marks and bruises. For the second time, my mom and grandfather had a fight. Our grandparents left the house and stayed in the house of their friend. Again, everything went back into place.

Another year later, a new obstacle invaded my faith and just. Whenever our mom gets into a fight with her partner, she'd put her madness on us. She'd shout at us and beat us and say, "You are useless! I wish you are not my daughter!" This made me cry every night because I can't get it out of my head. Now I know that I really am a burden.

This scenario is still happening until now. But all I can do is increase my faith and just wait what happens next . . . I hope it touched your hearts even for a bit.

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About Author / Additional Info: If you'd like to know more and know the complete thoughts, e-mail me at meleaagatha.silong@yahoo.com

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God has a purpose for everything..
Im so amazed and touched that a 13 yrs. old girl like you can write an article and revealed the story of her life at the very young age.You are not a burden melea but you are a blessings to your parents,for having a smart and unique daughter.Your parents loves you and your brother so much and i witness that when im with your family.God really allows things to happen because He want us to be mature and shape you heart,most important is God has a purpose for everything.I grew up without a father but im happy and now i understand the reasons.He wants me to be matured and be strong for all those trials and i believed that i have a father in heaven who never leaves me.Love your parents no matter what happens.Just be still to God,trust Him more and keep your faith in Him.He knows what is best for your life.And if ever you succeed or fate fails you,always remember that God has a plan for you and He will give you something much better than you expected.Take care and Godbless you more!
weng 2009-09-30
Melea, you are not a burden to anybody, in fact your a blessing to your mom & dad
Candy Baldovino 2009-09-09
Always remember that all things work together for good, for those who beleive in God. Sometimes bad things happen to make you stronger,to learn how to face even a bigger obstacles in our lives. I want you to know that i love you so much, you and your brother,you are the only reason why im still standing after all the bad things happened in our lives, always remember that Im here for you and your brother. God does not test people who do not have the courage to pass the test. It is important to keep the faith and move on with your life, soon the time of happiness will come again. Ilove you and miss you so much.
Lhitto 2009-09-08
You are a Daughter of God
i know exactly how you feel right now because ive been there in that kind of situation,while reading your experiences tears came down in my eyes and i feel sad about what happened to your parents.We do not always fully understand why the lord allows particular challenges to come to us but we can be sure that if we face them with complete trust in the lord and his wisdom, we will receive blessings he promise to us. i want to share to you my favorite verse in the scriptures "My son (daughter) peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes" (D&C 121:7-8)Always remember that you are a precious Daughter of God with divine mission on this earth. keep it up! Your Dad loves you so much.. take care! this is your cousin Ate Joanne
Johanna S. Vea 2009-09-08
Keep faith
Girl .. You certainly have seen many hardships in life .. Keep faith in God and move on .. Good Luck !!
Vani 2009-09-07

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