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The Secret To Unlimited MLM Abundance

BY: David Michael Wood | Category: Work From Home | Post Date: 2009-07-17

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   David Michael Wood
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More than seven years ago, when I started in the MLM profession, I had the hardest time succeeding that you could possibly think of. I tried every strategy that you could comprehend. I was always wondering what the secret was that allowed those 'gurus' on the stage to make ridiculous passive incomes from home, while I struggled 8-10 hours per day to eek out a measly living from my job.

I tried absolutely everything that you could imagine. At first I made a list of everyone I knew, and I contacted them all. I was sure that the money would start flowing in once I had finished calling my list, and so I waited...

...What then occurred was absolutely fascinating:

After six months of hard work and patience, I was equally broke to when I began. In fact, I was significantly more broke. The secrets to MLM success just evaded me at every turn. I quit my company eventually, because I couldn't find 'The Secret'.

I worked at that company for a full year, buying leads, attending conventions, making lists, wandering around in shopping malls, placing ads in newspapers - I even went door to door trying to sell my products, if you can imagine something so stupid...

...In the end, I quit, completely exhausted and financially destitute.

For some reason that I still don't understand, I just kept going. 2 years passed by, then 3. Nearing the time when I would have otherwise quit, 5 years into my career as a 'Junkie' I figured out the secret that was the common denominator through every successful network marketing experience that I had ever encountered.

You see, while I hadn't yet had any prosperity of my own, but I had met over 1,000 people from more than 5 countries that earned a six figure income or above. Whenever I would meet one of them, I would ask 'what's the secret to your MLM success?'

Each time, I got a different answer, and at last, I stumbled into the ONE THING that powered all of their success. Are you ready for the MLM secret?

The only secret to MLM success is that a leaders ability to build an organization is directly related to the size, quality, and relationship that they have with their list.

So there is only one thing that will determine your success in MLM - the power is in the list.

You may be asking - 'huh?' You see, some of the people who I talked to promised me that all of their prosperity came from making lists of their friends and family, and showing them the plan. Those people were successful.

I met other people who swore that the secret to MLM success was meeting people through business networking events. All of their free time was spent networking, having breakfast with colleagues, going to trade shows, and being a part of the community.

Others who I met built their business entirely through online marketing tactics, they had a similar method, even though their tactics were different - that is, their primary strategy was building a vast list of people through careful online marketing campaigns. They swore the MLM secret to success was internet marketing.

I could give you example after example, however the story remains the same. The problem I had when I started was that I had a list of a bunch of broke college students - while my upline was profiting off of a carefully developed list of some of the most successful businessmen in Idaho.

So once again, I had my broke list - while my internet guru friends had built lists of 30-100,000 hungry entrepreneurs who hung on every word they spoke.

So what should you do with this enlightening information? Well, the first thing you need to look at is your skills and strengths, find a marketing system that is right for you, and FOCUS on building a list that will be PROFITABLE for you throughout the years ahead, and you need to do it FAST - and if you do that, your days of struggle in the MLM profession will be a thing of the past. Forever.

After I applied these strategies, I developed a list of more than 30,000 people in under 12 months of part time work. I'm sure you know the ending - my story is now one of prosperity. I would encourage you to study internet marketing tactics, because I have found that it is the easiest, simplest, fastest way to build a HUGE database of hungry people to market to. However, the other techniques still work, and don't let anyone tell you they don't. You need to just find a system that will work for you.

I wish you the best of luck in your newfound wisdom!

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About Author / Additional Info: David Wood has one mission: to help you earn more money, faster, than you ever dreamt possible. Right now, shut off all distractions and visit this website: www.MLMGlobalTakeover.com

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