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The Road Warrior: Trying to save money while on a business trip

BY: www NationalBlackCar com | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2009-12-23

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   www NationalBlackCar com
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In these economic times we all try to save a few dollars. I for a while I was taking my car to the airport and parking in extended parking so I can save a few bucks. It never fails, traffic would slow me down (OK, I hit the snooze twice more than planned) and the next thing I do is find myself running from the car to the airport terminal. By the time I check my bags and get to the TSA security checkpoint I am a sweaty mess struggling to get your boarding pass ready while taking off my coat and shoes. Talk about red flags…needless to say 90% of the time I get pulled for that ever popular personalized security check and low and behold I miss my flight. Now I have to pay for a change of flight. The people I was going to meet are put on hold. I have to buy new cloths because my bags walked out of the airport before I arrived.

Well my friends I have learned that being frugal can be a very costly endeavor. I plan ahead and take advantage of airport limousine service. I realized just how much time and money I saved by spending a few dollars on a limo. After putting the pencil to paper I realized that the cost of limo no frills limo service was just about the cost of parking and only a few dollars more than a cab. The key is the type of service. When I say no frills I mean no frills. I could take one of those so called premium services and pay an arm and leg for what, a copy of the Wall Street Journal? Who knows how many people touched that paper before me…heck, isn't there a little thing called Swine Flu going around?

Here is the key…it's all about the chauffeur. Find a company with good chauffeurs at a reasonable price you will not go wrong. A car is a car. Every limo company wants to talk about their great fleet…I say tomato - tomato. Give me a customer friendly chauffeur at a reasonable price and I WIN.

When I travel I look for a company that calls the operator of the limo or sedan by the title -Chauffeur-. Chauffeurs are not drivers and drivers are a far cry from being a chauffeur. More often than not, companies who employ drives are paying them $8-$10 an hour. Hhmmmm, that's about what a fast food company pays a fry cook. Do you want someone driving you around (or one of YOUR clients or guests) who just the day before could have been flipping your burger? I don't think so. When I look for a limo company, I look for a company that has seasoned chauffeurs.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: Ted Malecki has over 20 years of experience in the travel industry. He has held roles as a Sr Director of Operations for Alamo and National car rental companies as well as Vice President and General Manager of the country’s 17th largest limousine company. Ted now owns and operates National Black Car in Chicago. Built on an economic and financial foundation, Mr. Malecki is a subject matter expert in operations management for car rental and limousine service providers.

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